Healthy Marriages = Healthy People

Having a healthy marriage matters…it matters to your health. Over the past two years, I’ve walked with several couples whom I dearly loved through unhealthy marriages. Unfortunately, I didn’t see any of these relationships resolve.

What I did see, was the effects of unhealthy relationships on every one of these people. The problems in their marriage caused them to struggle to function at work, eat enough, sleep well, raise their kids, have self confidence, and so much more. They were emotionally spent and it drained every part of their lives. It didn’t just affect their relationship with each other, but every relationship they have.

Austin and I are huge advocates of having regular marriage checkups…and this is why. Just like you go to the doctor to see if anything is wrong, you check the vitals of your relationship. Do you even know if your spouse is having a problem with the marriage? They may feel disconnected from you even if they don’t seem that way.

Maybe things genuinely are fine, but if what if you could have a deeper relationship with that person? Would you do what it takes to get there? Would you put in extra effort so that you can love them more and fulfill their needs more?

Even if you don’t think there is anything wrong in your relationship, it’s so important that you check in with your spouse. Make it a regular thing like date night.

Here’s to healthy marriages. And here’s to the health of people who are married.

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