Here’s a Sneak Peek at Our Next Bedroom Game

You guys have been asking for a new bedroom game, and we are going to deliver! I am so excited, because I’ve been sitting on this game for a few months. It’s been put on the back burner for a number of reasons, but I plan to submit it to the designers this week.

Because I love ya so much, I’m giving you a sneak peek at it. This is only the first part of the game. I’ll be releasing the full deck of cards with foreplay moves and all of the instructions soon.

Lover May I

Lover May I is a bedroom game that will help you develop a bedroom language and use it to turn up the heat during sex. Print out the worksheet and the foreplay moves and get started.

Print Off Bedroom Language Worksheet

Use the bedroom language worksheet to determine which words you want to use to describe sex acts and body parts. You might be surprised at what your spouse would like you to say during sex. This worksheet will help you both agree on words the turn you on, rather than turn you off.

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Print Love May I Cards

To help you feel most comfortable, the Love May I Cards have blanks for you to write in the words you decided on from your bedroom language worksheet.

Want the Bedroom Game For Free?

Want to get this game free when it is released? Then sign up for the newsletter below. We are opening a private community for our Love Hope Adventure followers to join us in going deeper in intimacy and communication. When this game is completed, we will send it out to this list.

Why We Are Charging For The Community

Not only will you get that free printable, but we will send you a link to join our private community for free for a few weeks. I just want you to know upfront that we will eventually have a monthly charge to be in that group of $7 a month.

We will eventually charge for the group for a few reasons- for one, you get full access to our Intimacy in Marriage ecourse, which we originally sold for higher. But, we want to give you more! That’s why we are combining that high dollar ecourse with our community so you can take your marriage to the next level.

Another reason the community is paid is to allow us to keep the trolls out. We want to provide you with a safe place where you can ask your intimate questions. There will be less chance of lurkers in the group if it is paid, which is hugely important to us.

Get on the list now so you can get the private invite soon. We are keeping the group free for the next couple of weeks while we wait for the designers to finish up our membership area, course materials, and ebooks.

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