Tips for Hotter Sex and How to Get Into Difficult Sex Positions

Do you want ideas on how to have hotter sex? What about tips on how to get in more difficult sex positions? Well, you’re in luck, the owner of Married Dance and Christian Friendly Sex Positions did a webinar with us to give tips and tricks to help with your sex life.

What I love about the owner is that he has worked very hard to share the sex education we all crave in a God-honoring way. He’s a guy that can answer your questions and give you really helps you.

These are the questions we answered in this webinar:

1. What Keeps a Couple From Trying New Sex Positions?

Believe it or not, most people feel more vulnerable talking about sex than they do having sex. Since they aren’t talking about it, it’s hard for them to ask their spouse to try new positions.

One of the top reasons that couples find it hard to talk about sex is that if one person shares an idea of something they want to do, they stand the chance of being rejected. It’s hard to put yourself in that position with your spouse.

Another reason they struggle is that they feel like their spouse may judge them for asking for certain sex acts. They may feel their spouse thinks they are gross or inappropriate for the ideas.

Communication is one of the core foundations of intimacy in marriage. To have a better sex life in general, you have to be willing to talk about sex. It can be hard to get that conversation going, but the more you do it, the easier it will become.

2. How Can One Partner Approach Their Spouse to Try a New Position?

If your spouse is apprehensive about trying new things, try starting a conversation with them that is not in the bedroom right before sex. You could start this conversation in the car, or in the house alone. Look for anywhere that is private but safe. Just avoid having the conversation right before or during sex, because you put them in a position to say no or possibly fight with you.

When you have the conversation with them, come right out and ask them if they are open to a new sex position. You don’t have to start off telling them what you want to try. But at least feel them out to see if they are at all interested. Then you can show them the position you want to try or describe it to them.

3. Are There Any Tips You Can Give Us to Make Sex Hotter?

One of the first things you can do to make sex hotter is to spice up the sex positions you already like. You can do this by:

  • Cutting on the lights.
  • Keeping lingerie on or wearing something sexy.
  • Adding in a vibrator.
  • Apply tingling gel to the clitoris.
  • Using a mirror.
  • Put a pillow under your butt or tilt your pelvis upwards.
  • Do more than one position during your time of sex.
  • Invest in more foreplay (massages, oral sex, direct stimulation)
  • Wife can squeeze like she’s doing a kegel when her husband is inside of her.

4. What Are Tips to Try a More Advanced Sex Position?

We’ll talk about sex furniture more later, but there are pillows designed that can help you with advanced positions. It makes it easier for you to get into those positions and stay there with minimal effort.

Some things to consider when trying an advanced position is that you need to be careful and stop if your not stable. For example, if the position is done on the edge of a bed, just be mindful of movements and positioning so you don’t get hurt.

When trying a new position, give it at least 3 different attempts before deciding if you like it. It takes practice to get into a new position and really decide if it is something that you enjoy.

5. What Are a Few Advanced Positions You Suggest?

Here are a few advanced positions we recommend:

Fast Romp

Fast Romp sex position – This is a wife on top position. The wife straddles her husband while facing him and her feet are flat on the bed beside his hips. She has to squat down on him. She supports her upper body with her arms and she bounces up and down using her legs to thrust. For more clitoral stimulation, she should move forwards and backwards. (*Not good for someone with bad knees.)


Butterfly Sex Position – This position is done on the edge of a bed or table. The wife lays on her back and the husband stands at the edge of the bed or table and the wife rests her feet on the edge of his shoulders. The husband has to pick up the wife’s butt to get into position. It’s great for g-spot stimulation. Or you can use a liberator wedge under the butt if you need extra support. Also, you can use a bullet vibrator for clitoral stimulation.


Pedal Sex Position – This is a rear entry position, but different than doggy style, because the wife does the movements. She’ll do a motion that looks like a bike pedal. She pushes her back against her husband and then pulls forward and drops her back, then lifts back up and pushes against her husband. You do have to be coordinated to do this one.

Hand Jive

Hand Jive Sex Position – This is a wife on top position. She’s will need to get on top of him facing him. He has his legs off the bed. She bounces up and down to make love to her spouse. He can use hands, vibrator, or tingling gel to stimulate her.

Down Low

Down Low Sex Position – This position is best used with a wedge with the high side of the wedge under her pelvis facing her knees. The husband lies on top of her and enters her from behind. It is great to stimulate the g-spot. This is the liberator wedge that’s pictured in this position. The wedge has two pieces that fit together or can be used separately and this is the smaller piece.

Here’s an article that gives more tips on how to stimulate the g-spot.

Fantastic Rocking Horse or Hobby Horse

Fantastic Rocking Horse Sex Position – This works well if you have a narrow bench, like a weight bench or a sitting bench. If the husband lays with his back on the bed and his legs on the ground then the wife straddles him and keeps her legs on the floor. She uses her legs to bounce up and down to make love to her husband.


Perpen-Dic-Ular Sex Position – The wife lies on her back with her knees at her chest and on top of her head. You must be pretty flexible on for this. She could bend her legs onto his back when he gets in place. The husband gets in a pushup position and lies on top of her perpendicular to her. He moves in and out of her.

6. Sex Toy Aids The Help Couples With Sex Positions

One of the top things that you should try is sex furniture, like the liberator wedge. They don’t flatten out underneath of you. They are designed to hold a lot of weight and stay stable when you’re having sex. It’s not going to slide around and make it hard for you to orgasm.

The wedges will make you feel almost weightless because it supports you so well. It makes a more advanced position much easier to keep up your stamina when you are trying new positions.

Another good marital aid is a vibrator. These can be used to stimulate the clitoris while in many different sex positions. Here are traditional egg vibrators you can check out. These are vibrators that are more advanced and can be inserted into the vagina.

Some couples like to use tingling gel on the wife’s clitoris so that all movements feel better. Just apply the recommended amount a few minutes before you start having sex to give it time to work.

Hope you enjoy the conversations and get some great tips for how to have hotter sex and get into difficult positions.

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