How Does Your View of Life Impact Your Relationships?

The way you view life will have a big impact on your relationships. If you have a negative view of life, you’ll read that negativity into the people that are around you. If you are more positive, it will be easier to deal with issues with the other person.

I invited on Sumeet to share with us a few of their thoughts on how your attitude towards life affects these other areas.

You Might be in Toxic Relationships

Do you think that your relations are replete with pain, drama, and unhealthiness? If you said yes to
this, your relationships are definitely toxic. In case you’re someone who feels drained due to the
relationships and it gives you a worse feeling about life in general, this will mean that you’re most
likely suffering from toxic relationships. When the relationships are toxic, they will be devoid of
emotions like fulfillment, happiness, and joy.

Your Relationships Are Not Fulfilling Enough

The majority of people want their relationships to be supportive, deep and challenging. Not all
relationships should possess all sorts of qualities as there are many other forms of relationships which
induce happiness but which might not be supportive and deep. Most of them appreciate all those who
challenge people to grow and improve their lives. In case you don’t have these kinds of relationships,
this might be the reason behind your unhappiness.

Your Relationships May be Non-Existent

Do you actually struggle to think of the relationships that you share in life? If answered yes, this
clearly implies that you suffer from lack of closeness. You may have too many virtual and superficial
acquaintances but during weekends and social gatherings, you will tend to find yourself alone. People
are actually relational beings who yearn for connection and belonging. You might feel deep
loneliness or an insufferable sadness which stems from lack of belonging, and you will feel that you
have no one to share your thoughts with.

The one main commonality behind these three points above is that they have to do with self-discovery.
It’s important to be cognizant of your own feelings and how you handle relationships.
If you’re suffering from such weak relationships and a life devoid of meaning and happiness, you
should check out As the author of that article writes, “self-discovery can lead to better relationships, and as a result, a happier life.”

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