How to Counsel a Friend that Wants a Divorce

how to counsel a friend that wants a divorce

There comes a point in most couples relationships where they consider a divorce. Even if they aren’t ready to make the decision, the thoughts of divorce may come across their minds. When this happens, it is a sobering thought.

If you have been married for a long time, you have likely come across some situations that have caused you to reconsider your marriage choice. A lot of us have committed to our partners for life, so when we have these thoughts, we are devastated.

Considering Divorce as an Option

Any number of circumstances can come along that will cause us to wonder if a divorce is in our future. You and your spouse may come to a point in your life where you have very different views that is driving a wedge between you.

Maybe you get to a place where you have drifted apart because of unresolved issues or general business. Lack of sex or an unsatisfied sex life plays into the distance. Other times, there are severe life circumstances that come about that cause you to be at odds with one another.

Whatever the reason for considering the divorce, it happens to the best of us. I don’t care how strong your marriage once was, there might come a day when you reconsider your choice to stay married. 

How to Counsel a Friend That Wants a Divorce

Maybe you are not at a place where you are currently considering divorce, but you have a friend that is. This is a difficult place to be in. You have to be careful how you navigate the conversations when you are talking.

One thing to remember when it comes to their marriage, is that they need to make the ultimate decisions. It is your job to be a sounding board and be the one to keep a level head.

They do not need you to swoop in and save the day in their relationship. You can’t do that even if you wanted to. That is the difficult thing about relationships, we are all responsible for making our own happen.

Practical Things You Can Do When Talking With Your Friend

You can catch me over at Shape Mind Soul where I talk about how to help a friend on the verge of divorce. These are steps I’ve used when talking my friends that have considered divorce. 

Helping a Friend on the Verge of Divorce

There is no simple answer when it comes to negotiating a relationship. When you or your friend is going through this difficult time, I encourage you to seek God. He is the one that brings healing and reconciliation in relationships.

Whatever decision is made in the end, continue to love your friend and support them. If they weather the storm in their marriage, they will still need encouragement. If they chose to go with divorce, then they are going to need just as much support or more.

What is your advice for a friend that wants a divorce?

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