Last weekend I needed a costume idea for a children’s harvest festival. Since I was planning to face paint, I chose a Disney character. Sleeping Beauty is my favorite princess movie.

How to Dress Like Maleficent For Halloween



You will need an all black outfit. Look at scenes from the new movie to get inspiration. It just so happened that I happened to have a long black dress. I also have a black wrap that looks a lot like a cape.

I paired the outfit with a black collard button up shirt. I did this to make it look as if my cape had a collar. For the shoes, I just put on a pair of black slipon shoes. You can’t see Angelina Jolie’s feet in the movie.

How to Make the Horns For the DIY Costume

The biggest challenge to dressing like this character is the horns. It took me some time to figure out what to do. There are some simple ways to do this.

You can cut the horns out of a piece of cardboard. Paint the cardboard black. Staples the horns to a black headband. Put the headband around your head with the horns at the back of your head.

What I did to Make My Horns


I did not want to have flat looking horns. For that reason, I did something much more extravagant. Pretty much that is what I tend to do.

To begin with, you will need a piece of thick foam. I used the lid to a foam cooler. Draw the shape of the horns and cut the foam out. Wrap the foam horns in black material. Use straight pins to push the cloth into the foam.

I attached my foam horns to a plastic insert that came from one of my children’s construction hats. I don’t know what you can use in place of this. I tried to use a headband, but the horns were too heavy. You might be able to retrofit a hat you own. Just take the bill off of it.

After I put the horns on my head, I took another piece of black material to wrap around my hair. I wrapped my hair with the cloth first and then put the horns over it. It took some doing, but I wrapped the cloth around my head to look like a cap.

Once my hair was wrapped in the cloth. I attached a triangle shaped piece of cloth to the front. This gave the right look to the horns.

How to Do Makeup For Maleficent Halloween Costume

I’m not the best maekup artist by far. In fact, I do not own a lot of makeup either. In order to do my makeup for this character, I watched a youtube video tutorial. You can see the tutorial I used HERE. She did a really good job in the video. I do not think my makeup looked as pretty as her makeup did.

Good luck on dressing like this story book character.  This made for  great DIY costume for Halloween.


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