How to Feel Beautiful Series #3

As women, we have a hard time feeling beautiful some days don’t we? For some, we never feel pretty because we have bought into lies that we can’t. Maybe it’s your body type that makes you feel unattractive. It could be your hair, age, wardrobe…whatever it is, you have a hard time believing you are beautiful.

If you haven’t had a chance to check out the other two posts in this series you can do that before you read this one.

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Where I Place a Lot of Blame

how to feel beautiful

I know you have heard me say this in my other posts, but a place a lot of blame on marketing for our view of ourselves. Sure, there is a lot that goes into the way we view ourselves, but the most immediate thing is what the magazines tell us.

We are horrible to ourselves and to others for that matter. There is all sorts of fat shaming and skinny shaming going on among women. I hope you do not take part in that, regardless of your body size.

It is really easy to buy into the lie that only certain body types are attractive. When you feed your mind unrealistic images, it is no wonder you feel bad about yourself.

For example, the other day I went to the mall, which is something I actually try to avoid. Before I left for the mall, I was feeling really pretty. One walk around the mall looking at half naked skinny models and tiny manikins…the pretty feeling went away.

No, you can’t live in a bubble, but you can limit the amount of exposure you have to things that make you feel insecure. Also, there are things you can do to help yourself realize how beautiful you are.

Feeling Beautiful Challenge #3

Today, I have a new challenge for you. I went over it in my video, which I hoped you watched. I’m asking that you go to someone you trust and ask them to tell you some things they like about your appearance. This can be a family member, close friend, or spouse.

Find someone who’s judgement you trust, and ask them to share some things they find beautiful about you. I assure you, there are people in your life that see your true beauty and will be willing to share it with you.

Second Part of the Challenge

This is a two fold challenge. Not only do you need to ask someone what they like about you, but there is a second thing I’m challenging you to do. Ready for the challenge?

Believe them! That’s right, you have to believe those people in your life. They won’t lie to you, because they love you. If you go to someone you trust, then trust them.

People can tell you all day long how pretty you are, but it doesn’t do you any good if you don’t believe them.

I’m glad you are joining me on this series. It is important to for you to see your true beauty. When you do, you can be freer in your relationships. Boldness comes from security, and security comes from a good self image. 

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