How to Feel Beautiful Series #4

I’ve been doing a series on How to Feel Beautiful. This has been an issue on my mind for quite a while. As women, we are far too critical of ourselves when it comes to appearance.

The number of women out there that do not feel beautiful is way too high! I know that is the case, because the most beautiful people on the planet still act as if they aren’t pretty enough.

Stop Comparing Yourself to Other Women

how to feel beautiful

Seriously…stop it…just stop it. We have got to stop comparing ourselves to what other women look like. In order to really feel beautiful, you have to stop comparing the way you look to others.

The world has done a really good job of pitting us against other women. I think it is about time we stopped it. There is a group of women have worked really hard to loose the baby weight after pushing out kid number three. The moment they post pics of themselves on Twitter, other women blow up at them for the way they look.

The same thing happens when a woman that is curvy post pics of herself wearing a bikini. Instead of being happy for that woman deciding to feel comfortable in her own skin, people shame her.

I personally think we should be a lot more encouraging to the women around us. We should stop seeing each other as a threat and start seeing each other as a united front when it comes to beauty.

A Look at Past Beauty Challenges

As part of this series, I’m issuing a weekly beauty challenge. I hope that you have taken the other challenges as well. Here is a look back at the past challenges I gave you.

Week 1: Stay away from things and people that cause you to feel like you aren’t beautiful.

Week 2: Identify features on your body that you love.

Week 3: Ask someone you trust to tell you something they find beautiful about you.

If you haven’t had a chance to do these other tasks, be sure you do so. These tasks are all focused on helping you find the beauty in yourself.

Today’s Beauty Challenge

If you watched my video, then you will know the challenge I have set up for you this week. I’m asking you to locate 4 pictures of yourself that make you feel beautiful.

This is actually a challenge I saw go around Facebook for a while. Some women were posting pics of their children and family. I am not saying that pictures of your children shouldn’t make you feel beautiful.

However, for this challenge, I’m asking you to find pictures that have you in them. So, post pics of you and your family, but just be in the picture. I promise you, it’s important that you are in the picture.

Also, as part of the challenge, I’m asking you to find at least one current picture of yourself where you feel you look pretty. Some of the other pictures can be older. It is important, though that you find the way you look today to be beautiful, not just at some other point in time.

I’m Taking the Challenge With You

Just so you know, I take all of these challenges too. I’m no different than any other woman out there that doesn’t feel pretty enough. I definitely have my days where I do not feel beautiful.

I have decided to show you a few pictures of myself that make me feel beautiful. Here goes nothing…

austin reason family


Check me out with my awesome family. In front of me is my youngest son Braden, then next to him Tripp and Corbin. My husband, Austin is the biggest kid there. 😀

I’m more than just curly hair and a curvy figure to my family. I’m mom, I’m wife, I’m provider, and that makes me feel beautiful.


jason haven keelie austin


I realize it is hard to actually see me in this picture. However, if you could see how beautiful I feel when I’m with these people, then you would know why I chose it.

In this pic, I’m standing with my amazing husband and my two best friends, Haven and Jason. To these guys, I’m a friend, I’m family, I’m caring, and that makes me feel beautiful.

picture of Keelie

Ok, so I know this isn’t an actual picture of me, but it is a child’s rendition of me. I work in an after school care program two afternoons a week.

The other day, one of the little girls drew this picture. She came to me and told me that this person was me. The rest of the picture says that she loves everyone at our facility.

Seeing myself drawn through the eyes of a child made me feel very beautiful.



This is a picture that Austin and I took on a date night a few months ago. We had the most amazing time together tromping around Raleigh.

My parents had the kids for the weekend, and we were making the most of it. We stopped into this cupcake bakery and shared some great desert.

When Austin kisses me and tells me he loves me, it makes me feel beautiful.


It’s Your Turn to Take the Challenge

If you decide to take this challenge you can post these pictures on Facebook. Be sure to tag Love Hope Adventure in the post. I’d love to see the pictures of you that make you feel pretty.

It is really important that you boost your self-esteem and confidence. When you have a good perception of the way you look and who you are, then your confidence will go up.

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