I’ve been in a How to Feel Beautiful series for a month now. I hope that you have been following me on this journey of things you can do to feel beautiful. Each week I have given you something different that you can do to feel better about the way you look.

A Look Back at Past Challenges

how to feel beautiful

Here is a quick look back at what I have suggested you do in the previous weeks.

Week #1 Limit the fashion magazines and other media that will cause you to feel ugly

Week #2 Decide specific features of your body that you love

Week #3 Ask a close friend or spouse to tell you things you love about yourself

Week #4 Post 4 pictures of yourself that make you feel beautiful

I hope that you take the time to do these things to feel prettier.




Week 5 Challenge

This week, I have a new challenge for you. Today, I want to you go into your closet and find an outfit that makes you feel great about yourself. All of us need a sure fire outfit that we can put on any time to help us feel pretty.

If you can’t find anything you own that makes you feel beautiful, then you need to go out an buy something. One thing I would like to stress here is that the outfit doesn’t have to be of high fashion or expensive. It just needs to be something that makes you feel good about yourself.

Get Dressed Every Day

One thing that I do each day is get dressed. I know that sounds simple, but a lot of women struggle to make it out of their workout clothes or lounge wear.

For me, I get up, take a shower and get a nice outfit on. I’m not an exercise clothing type of person. That is not a fashion that I have ever thought looked good on me.

Not only does getting dressed every day help me feel pretty, it also gives me the right mindset to accomplish my tasks. If I am dressed and confident, then I will get more done each day.

When I am dressed in an outfit that I feel good in, I will be more successful each day. I also put my shoes on each day, which is another way I keep myself in the right mindset to work.

Being a work-from-home mom, it is vital that I do what it takes to stay motivated. I do not have a boss looking over my shoulders. If I do not accomplish the tasks I have before me, then I don’t get paid.

Getting on an outfit that makes you feel cute, yet is comfortable, will help you feel better all the way around.

Feel free to leave me a message in the comments and tell me what you do that helps you feel beautiful.

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