How to Give a Good Back Massage To Your Spouse

For a long time, I had no idea how to give a good back massage to my husband. Actually, it caused a lot of hand fatigue and I don’t think it was all that great for him either. That is until we learned about Melt Massage. Denis Merkas is a massage therapist that puts out an online massage course designed specifically for couples. 

Tips For How to Give a Good Back Massage To Your Spouse

Do you use your thumbs to give your spouse a massage? What if I told you that you should actually be using the tips of your fingers and whole hand? This is the first thing Denis taught me about giving a good back massage to my husband. 

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1. The Best Hand Position For a Good Back Massage

Check out this Youtube video of how Denis instructs you to give a good back massage: 

2. Lean How To Sit When Massaging Your Spouse

The other thing that Denis taught me was how to sit when giving Austin a massage. Raise your hand if you have your spouse lay on a bed and then you try to bend over and give them a massage? What if I told you there was a way for you to sit comfortably and intimately with your spouse when giving them a massage? 

In the Melt Massage Class, Denis covers exactly how you and your spouse should sit for a great back massage. What I love about this position is that it brings us close together and makes the time spent together much more intimate. 

3. Get The Room Ready

Another thing that can really add to a good back massage is to set the mood in the room. I like to draw the lights down low and use candles or Christmas lights. In the background, I usually play soft, instrumental music. 

4. Pick The Right Massage Oil

One thing that is really important is choosing a good massage oil. Denis puts a great massage oil out that you can grab here. Or you can use almond oil for the massage. Almond oil is a good carrier oil, so you can also add essential oils to your mix. (Just make sure that the essential oils you use are meant for skin.)

5. Start The Couples Massage Tutorial

I highly recommend that you buy the couples massage class put out by Melt Massage. Check out their plans here. You can actually run the videos while you are giving your spouse a massage. Denis has a very soft voice and plays calm music in the background. 

We’ve given each other good back massages while the videos were playing and it didn’t detract from our experience at all. 

Perfect For Your Next Date Night

couples massage class date night

If you’ve been wanting to do a couples massage class, this is a perfect idea for your next date night. You can do it from the comfort of your own home. It’s a great way to connect with your spouse on an intimate level. 

Also, rubbing your hands all over your spouse may lead to other fun, intimate things. This is a very sexy date night idea that can lead to amazing sex. 

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