How a Wife Can Help Her Husband Last Longer During Sex

It can take a man no greater than 5 minutes to orgasm…maybe less. For the average woman, it can take a lot longer than that. Some need upwards of 20 minutes. So, how does a wife help her husband last long enough for her to orgasm?

One thing to mention here is that between 70%-90% of women say they can’t have an orgasm through PIV sex (penis in vagina). Most need to be directly stimulated to get there. And those that can orgasm through PIV, often need additional foreplay or stimulation before engaging in sex. 

Helping your husband last longer during sex doesn’t have to be just for sex, it can also be used as a way to make their orgasm stronger. When a husband has the ability to prolong the time between arousal and orgasm, it usually makes it feel better. 

Here is how to last longer during sex: 

Alternate Stimulation and Stopping All Stimulation

The top tip for women to help their husbands last longer is to alternate stimulating them and then stopping all stimulation. A lot of men like this, because it builds anticipation and teases them. 

To do this, you would stimulate your husband with direct pressure such as with your hand, mouth, or vibrator, or through PIV. Watch your husband’s reaction and when he is getting really into it, stop all stimulation. If you are engaging in PIV sex, just stay still and relax. 

A good place to start with this is to give him 10 – 15 seconds between the stimulation before you start back up. If he’s really aroused and close to orgasm, you should aim to wait longer. It may mean that you stop engaging in sex for a few minutes.

Ideally, you want to do this exercise 3 or 4 times before he orgasms. This helps him to build his stamina. 

Cut The Lights Out or Reduce Visual Stimulation 

It’s important to shut down visual stimulation for some husbands. The visual stimulation can be just as arousing as physical. It can help to cut off the lights during sex to shut off his ability to see what’s happening. Or, you may need to walk out of the room for a few minutes and let him relax. 

While he is being stimulated, encourage him to think about other things than what’s happening sexually. This can help him last longer because he’s not adding fuel to the fire. 

Tell Him to Wear a Condom

A simple way to reduce stimulation is to tell your husband to wear a condom, even if you don’t need one for birth control. You can even combine this with a numbing gel that’s designed for sex. It’s the same concept as putting numbing gel in your mouth. It doesn’t take the sensation away completely, but it reduces it. 

Encourage Him to Do Kegel Exercises

Kegel exercises are not just for women. Men really benefit from this exercise as well. It helps to strengthen the pelvic floor muscles, which makes orgasming stronger. Also, it helps a husband to control the muscles that bring him to orgasm. The greater control he has, the easier it will be for him to last. 

These are the tips I have for a wife to help her husband last longer during sex. If you have any tips that have worked for you, leave them in the comments. 

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