How to Maintain Confidence as a Mom and Wife

Today, I brought on Antonia to share with us a few ways a woman can regain confidence as a mom and a wife. Here’s what they have to say-

Being a mom and a wife is the most rewarding thing imaginable but comes with its obvious struggles. Keeping a beaming smile and remaining happy at all times is hard when you just feel too exhausted to function.

Below are some points to help build back up that confidence, make you feel incredible every day and put a huge smile back on that face.

Find Something that is Only Yours

When it comes to being a mummy and wife, no matter how much you adore the other people in your life. You just need something that is exclusively yours. You could start by taking one evening a week for yourself and doing something that you love.

Or try something that you have always wanted to do. You could go to your local yoga class or even learn a foreign language. The world is your oyster so go and enjoy some mommy time

It’s About Time you Got Pampered

This basically speaks for itself, but seriously, get together with some friends or a relative and go for a treatment. If you would like to justify this, a spa treatment alone can have amazing benefits for not only your body.

It can reduce lactic acid build-up, relieve stress, remove pressure from joints and it is also incredibly beneficial to your cardiovascular health. So if ever you need an excuse to escape for a day, this is probably it.

Retail Therapy

Unbelievable, retail therapy is actually real. That’s right, I have said it. It legitimately does have amazing psychological benefits. It really doesn’t matter whether you are buying some fluffy slippers or even some sexy outfits by Obsessive, it’s all about the visual stimulus of what you are purchasing.

Visualization boosts mental performance and reduces anxiety, so get shopping and stop stressing.

It’s All in the Smell

Another fantastic way to improve the way you feel tenfold is by simply using perfume. Yes, that sounds absolutely ridiculous, I know. When it comes to scent your nose transmits a code to your brain with the scent and your brain then tells you whether or not you like the smell.

Now, this is when it gets clever, once the brain recognizes the smell as pleasant, it associates it with happiness and every happy memory you have whilst wearing that perfume, is also programmed to your brain. Therefore whenever you need a little confidence boost, a little spray will bring back associative memories in an instant. 

Set Up A Date Night 

No matter how far into a relationship you may be, date night should always be a priority at least once per month. Let your dear husband make you feel special, let him wine, dine and woo you. Date night will just add to the brilliance of your marriage and it also helps keep a little spark alive too.

So there you have it. Just a few things that you can take on to make sure you always feel like you. You should always make sure you find time for your confidence. After all, mom knows best.

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