How To Plan A Romantic Camping Trip For Two

Are you planning to take your loved one to a romantic camping trip? A national park with picturesque views would be a perfect place to fan the flames of love and romance. While planning an escapade on a national park is an ideal choice, you might find it challenging to choose one exact destination out of the many sweet offers online. How, then, do you organize your special trip?

You can decide whether you want to plan the trip with your loved one or leave your partner totally clueless to the surprise. This article will show you some tips on planning a romantic trip. Here are the basic steps to planning that special moment with your loved on


Pick a destination

First, look for a place to spend your romantic getaway. Since you know your loved one well enough, you should be able to pick a destination that you both will enjoy. For example, if your loved one enjoys going to the beach, a countryside where salt water is absent might not be a wise destination to pick.

Meanwhile, if your loved one prefers adventurous trips through forests and mountains, a camping trip along the beach might not woe your partner. A peaceful vacation at a national park may also add a different twist to your relationship. However, it may also ruin the intimate and special experience. So pick a perfect destination.

Mark your calendar

After you have found the ideal destination for your camping getaway, you can now mark your calendar. This way, you can schedule ahead of time and avoid the rush of preparations among your other activities.

In scheduling your trip, it is important that you also ask the availability of your loved one. If you want to keep it a surprise, ask your partner subtly. You must get your partner’s commitment or else all that planning will go to waste if he or she is unavailable for the trip.

After you have found the ideal destination for your camping getaway, you can now mark your calendar. This way, you can schedule ahead of time and avoid the rush of preparations among your other activities.

Prepare everything you need for the trip

After you have set the destination and the date, you can now prepare the things you need for your trip. You should have a checklist of the essential stuff and these should be prepared and kept beforehand.

You need to decide stuff like using a hammock vs tent to avoid blames and disagreements later on that may ruin your romantic outdoor adventures.

If you have kids, you should also plan where they are going to stay when you and your partner are away for the trip. If you have pets, you should ask someone to take care of them too. This way, there will be no interruptions due to concerns at home.

Book your reservations

Your next step is to make reservations for your trip. If you want to keep things low key, make sure you use a separate e-mail, credit cards or cellphone numbers. I prefer to arrange the reservations for surprises in the office. And I try not to give away my surprise.


Budgeting is an essential step of your planning. It is always wise to know the estimate of the budget needed to cover all expenses of your trip such as the accommodation. This will take a big chuck of your overall budget.

Here are a few tips to help trim your expenses:

  • Check out country and state parks, national park campgrounds and private sites to compare prices and amenities, like weather shelters.
  • Look into pass discounts at national parks or rewards care from KOA, the campground management chair.
  • If you handle the weather variables, consider camping on the edge of the season.
  • Camping equipment can get expensive fast. If you can borrow a tent or sleeping bag from a friend or neighbor, consider renting.
  • You’ll want to eat more than just marshmallows, so pack your cooler with frozen meats. They’ll last for a while and will keep your other food cold.


Safety is an important consideration that you need to include in your planning to ensure that nothing interrupts your special trip. If you want to make the experience very memorable and if you want to enjoy each other’s company, you want your trip to go as smoothly as possible.

National Parks and famous camping sites usually provide security and park rangers that you can check to ensure your safety. Some camp sites may not be able to provide the same level of security especially those located in far-flung areas. These may not be safe especially if you do not request additional security measures during your trip.


Another consideration is communication. Renowned national parks and camp sites have top-quality services that are more satisfactory to clients like providing walky talkies for campers to use. But not all camp sites can provide the same level of excellent service.

Before you finalize your accommodation, you should check the information available online and offline about the campsite. You can also get the number of the owner or the manager that you can call anytime you have inquiries, concerns or emergencies.

Do something special

This is very crucial to note for both gentlemen and ladies. If you want to make the moment really special, you need to do something special. A small gesture that works well is to prepare a campfire and spend a few precious moments gazing at the stars. These small gestures can take you an extra mile.

You can also opt for hiking, backpacking, canoeing, and horseback riding if the site provides it. Remember that your trip should be memorable and romantic.

That basically covers all the essential steps in planning your roman camping trip. Now, all you need to do is do these steps and enjoy your vacation without any worries. Keep in mind that you are doing this to enjoy the company of your special someone and rekindle your relationship.

Your trip could strengthen your relationship further. And if your trip goes well, make sure to share your experience. Good luck!


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