How to Teach Your Children to Be Less Materialistic

how to teach your children to be less materialistic

Everywhere you look, someone wants you to buy their product or service. It is the job of marketers to make sure they put the idea in your mind that you have a need. Once you understand you have a need, then they can sell you their product.

Marketers Want You To Believe You Need Their Products

We are led to believe that we need a lot more stuff than what is actually necessary. It doesn’t just affect adults, but it affects children as well. They are exposed to marketing tactics the second they watch a commercial.

Kids are Affected By What They See

If your kids never watched television, you wouldn’t even be able to escape the fact that they are indeed still being influenced to want more. Look at the billboards on the side of the road. Think of the radio commercials that come on.

What about all of the ad placements in stores? You know they didn’t put the toy section in front of the back bathrooms at Wal-mart without a reason. Or how about the cheap candy and toys at the checkout line?

Teach Children the Difference Between Wants and Needs

No matter what you do, you can’t keep your kids from being exposed to marketing tactics that cause them to believe they need stuff. What you can do is work with them to understand when they have enough. Help them distinguish between needs and wants.

You can check me out over at Shape Mind Soul today where I address the issue of

Teaching Our Children to Be Less Materialistic

I give you some practical suggestions of how you can instill a good work ethic in your kids and teach them how to be happier with what they have.


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