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how you can get in contact with me

I made a pretty bonehead mistake here on the website…one that I didn’t realize until Saturday. Are you ready for this? I created an email address for the blog and put it on my contact page….an email address I have NEVER checked…until Saturday.

For those of you that have tried to email me in the last…oh I don’t know…7 months, I have emailed you back! Yay!

I am sooooo sorry to those of you who have reached out to me through email and I have remained silent. You guys are awesome for putting up with me on account of that. Today, I want to give you some ways you can interact with me and contact me.

How You Can Contact Keelie at Love Hope Adventure

When I started Love Hope Adventure, I slowly but surely built up my social media platforms. Basically, I’m everywhere….maybe not everywhere, but I’m a lot of places. If you look at the sidebar, you can find most of my social media platforms.

I’ll go ahead and put all of those links in this post for convenience.

Love Hope Adventure Facebook Page


If you would like to keep up with my posts on Facebook, I share great articles from other bloggers as well as quotes and scriptures. You will find a lot of great resources for your marriage and life.

You can contact me through the message feature on my Facebook page.


Check Me Out on Instagram

I’ve been on Instagram for a pretty long time. I’ll be honest, I don’t get on there nearly as much as I should. I keep saying that I’m going to change that, and hopefully I will do that soon!

Follow me on Instagram and you can private message me or tag me in a post if you would like to.

Watch Me On YouTube


I have a YouTube channel for my videos. I have done some craft tutorials as well as given general marriage advice. You can leave comments on the videos or share them with others.


I’m Active on Twitter

When I first started the website, I was not very familiar with Twitter at all. Now I use it all of the time. You can tweet at me with any questions you have or just to say hi.

I have really enjoyed connecting with people on Twitter. It is a great way to get a short message out to others or share great articles.

Follow Me on Pinterest

Want to see what I’m pinning? Follow me on Pinterest. I have many boards that I try to update regularly. There are always great things for me to pin and share with you guys.

See What I Share on StumbleUpon

StumbleUpon is similar to Pinterest in that you can create categories, share and save articles. This is a great way to catalog articles you want to read later on or have access to.

Email Me


If you would like to send me a personal message, feel free to email me at I will actually check that email now! Again, I’m so sorry for those that sent me messages and I didn’t get back to you.


Leave a Message in the Comments

I love to see people leave messages in the comments. When you share your thoughts on a subject, it helps the entire community here at Love Hope Adventure. I know that it can be a bit difficult to leave comments on some of the posts I write, because I talk about sex a lot.

Feel free to leave anonymous comments or just send me a private message if you have something to say.

Sign Up For My Newsletter


Take a look at the sidebar or scroll down to the bottom of the website if you are on mobile. You will see a sign up field to get my newsletter. Each week I send out a newsletter that has all of the posts from the previous week.

I have other plans for the newsletter at some point, but rest assured that I am not going to start spamming you! No one wants spam….canned or in their inbox 😀

Watch Me on Periscope

If you haven’t heard of Periscope yet, you need to check it out! I love this social media platform. I can livestream myself and you can get on and ask me questions in real time through the chat feature. Periscope is part of Twitter and requires you to have install the free app on your phone.

Don’t have Periscope? Then catch my replays on You do not have to have the app installed on your phone to watch the replays on

This is one of my latest Periscopes that you can check out.

I’m Happy to Answer Your Questions

Just know that I am a real person that is running this website. If you have a question about something, feel free to ask me! I am not sure I will always have a good answer, but if I don’t, I will search out some resources that might help you.

I follow a lot of really awesome marriage bloggers that have been doing this for a long time. They have been interacting with married people for years and have a lot of articles written that might answer your questions. So, if I don’t have a personal experience or information to draw from, I will try to find some great resources for you.

Thank You For Following Love Hope Adventure


I know I do not say this nearly enough, but thank you for following along here at Love Hope Adventure. I really appreciate all of you who have joined the community.

Thanks for being here and hanging out with me on a weekly basis. I look forward to catching up with you through one of the many different platforms I have listed here.

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