If we could sit down over a cup of coffee, I’d share with you the hard stuff…

If you and I were sitting down over coffee, I’d share with you some of the hard things I’ve dealt with over the past year.

I’d tell you about how we had a major life change happen that changed the trajectory of our lives.

I’d tell you how I didn’t handle those changes well.

Then I’d share with you how I felt like the biggest failure ever when I had to send my two older boys when I had to send them to public school.

After I got through the survival mode I had gone into, I woke up and realized that my boys couldn’t stay at public school.

This fall, I’m bringing them back home- and I already have anxiety that I won’t do it right.

Come Have Coffe With Me

You see- this is the beauty of the blog world. I’m a real person with a real story and someone that you can actually interact with.

Over the past few months, I’ve been able to get to know other bloggers that have invested in my life over the years. They are more than just words on a screen, they are real people that have their own stories.

Crystal Paine is the first blogger I ever followed.

She has poured into me through her blog for the last 9 years. I could not be where I am today without her in so many respects. Her long term investment in her blog has benefited me in so so many ways.

If my friend Crystal Paine, sat down with you over coffee…

She would tell you how this is her year of rest. She would share how she the slower pace of life has caused her to work through the hard things she experienced last year. She would share how she has ugly cried with friends and gained so much happiness where she is.

If my friend Erin Odom, sat down with you over coffee…

She would tell you how she finally figured out how to lose the baby weight. She would excitedly share with you how she is working on her first book deal and how she is finding real community in her life.

If you sat down with my friend Jay Dee

He would tell you that he and his wife had a rocky start to their sex life, but over the years, things have changed dramatically for them. Both of them have worked hard to meet each other’s needs in this area and now they are really communicating with one another in a way they never expected.  

If Sheila Gregoire was with you…

She would tell you how she became an empty nester recently and she is having to figure her new life out. She and her husband have taken up traveling so she can pursue her Girl Talks.

How do I know these things about these different bloggers?

I know a lot of it, because they share it on their blogs. Some of it, I know, because I message them and interact with them.

Why do I share all of this?

I tell you because the world has changed drastically for the relationship between author and reader. Of course, we as authors have always been able to share with our readers. However, until the recent years, reader interaction was much more difficult to come by.

Now, when you read a book that affects you, the writer can invest in your life even more through their blog, email lists, and social media outlets.

I want to introduce you to people that will potentially have that affect on your life. All of these people have very valuable things to share from their personal experience. Check out where I write more about my favorite marriage bloggers and my favorite lifestyle bloggers.

My Favorite Lifestyle Bloggers

My Favorite Marriage Bloggers


If you want to join me for coffee, you can click the picture below and it will take you to my Facebook Live video from yesterday morning.

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