I’m Looking For a Sex Trafficking Organization

I’ve been praying for about two years that God would bring an organization to me that my readers and I could really get behind in supporting. I’ve been looking for a sex trafficking organization that works to free people from captivity on a local and global level. I’ve looked at many and really considered a few.

Will You Pray With Me?

Will you pray with me that I find the organization we can all really get behind? It is on my mind especially today because it is giving Tuesday. Austin and I are huge advocates of making giving a part of your budget. We give a percentage of everything our business makes each month to a few different churches and other organizations.

Then we keep out some of our giving for things that come up along the way for us to give to. If you know of an organization that manages sex and human trafficking, let me know and I’ll check it out. Also, I encourage you to find a cause you believe in and give today.


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