Addressing the Lack of Sex in Marriage

Did you know that sex is biblical? Sometimes, we shy away from this subject altogether. It is even harder to talk about it when we are among our with people we think might disapprove.

 Sex is Biblical




If you have never read the Bible, then maybe you do not know that sex is by God’s design. He gave it to us as a precious gift. Something we can enjoy with our spouse.
In fact, sex is a representation of the love Christ has with the church. It is a picture of becoming unified or being one.
If you have ever been to a wedding, you probably remember the pastor or priest saying, “The two shall become one”. That is what the scriptures teach us. When two come together to have sex, they are being made one.

The Importance Of Satisfying Your Lover




When you are married, it is your privilege to give your body to your loved one. This is a time that you can enjoy together as a couple. Don’t waste those opportunities to be together.
Expressing yourself sexually to the one you are committed to is important. When you both come into it with the other’s needs in mind, you both walk away feeling satisfied.
Learning how to make your lover feel amazing is rewarding in and of itself. Allowing that person to make you feel the same way is also freeing.

Absence of Intimacy is Damaging


Sometimes, there are things that can drive a wedge between you and your spouse. When there is tension, you might find intimacy is lacking.
When you have problems in your marriage, the worst thing you can do is stop having sex. You might find that uniting in that way helps to alleviate the tension and work to repair the damage.
Don’t let too much time pass between your intimate encounters if you can help it. Of course, there are times that make it impossible to be physical.

Make Flirting a Priority


Aside from serious illnesses and absence, you should find ways to be physical with your spouse daily. I’m not necessarily talking about intercourse. More than anything, I’m talking about flirting.
Remember flirting? It was that thing you did with your spouse before you got married. Maybe it even carried into the first year of marriage.
Ask yourself now if flirting is a priority? Do you just roll your eyes at your man when he gives you his best pickup line? Or do you shoot back something cute like you would have in your dating years?
Flirting is a great start to building intimacy. It reminds you of your crazy attraction to your lover.

Re-evaluating Your Marriage



If you have found yourself putting off sexual encounters, then it is time to re-evaluate. Find out why you and your spouse are not putting into this aspect of your relationship. Maybe there are real problems that need to be resolved.
Lack of intimacy in marriage is not something that can be left alone. I encourage you to start the conversation. Seek the help you need to resolve any issues you and your loved one are experiencing.

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3 Responses

  1. Keelie, this is a major issue in many marriages. in some marriages, it is the wife who plays the gatekeeper in sexual intimacy. In other marriages, the man loses interest in having sex with his wife. When you see marriages in crisis or failing marriages, lack of frequent lovemaking is often present.

    1. I agree. A lack of lovemaking is indicative of major problems in the marriage. Without actively addressing those issues, then there is no way for sexual intimacy to return. Not to say that the couple isn’t having sex at all, it just isn’t as intimate.

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