The Intimate Topic I Keep Writing About That’s Making People Unsubscribe

I’m fully aware that I talk about sensitive subjects. I imagine that I’ve said some pretty offensive things on the blog. Of course, I don’t mean to. The problem is that I talk about sex- and sex topics are sensitive and cause offense.

I Talk About Sensitive Intimate Topics

Over the last two weeks, I have written posts about getting over the gross factor of giving and receiving oral sex. Know what? I’ve had more unsubscribes on the newsletter in the last two weeks then I’ve ever had. Know what else? I’ve also had more readers write in and ask me questions about this topic then I have any other thing I’ve ever written about.

It is obvious that this topic is evoking a lot of emotion and discussion in those that follow me. Since I’ve given a lot of unwanted advice about this, I would love to continue talking about it in a more private setting. I want to be able to talk openly about it without offending those that are not comfortable with it.

We’re Starting a Community

Austin and I are in process of launching a community that you can be a part of where we’ll address many marriage topics- including sensitive ones like oral sex. Our community will provide the safe place you need to learn how to honor God in your marriage and sex life.

We haven’t quite gotten the community up and running, so if you want to sign up to receive more information about it in the coming weeks, go here and put in your email address.

Other things on my mind this week-

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