Invite Your Spouse to an “After Hours” Halloween Party

Invite your spouse to an after hours halloween party

I love dressing up in costumes any time of the year, but that would just be weird to do that on a random day. Thank goodness for Halloween right?

Since Halloween is a few days away and you are going to be dressed up anyways, why not invite your spouse to an “after hours” Halloween party? It can be a lot of fun to spend time being intimate with your lover while you are dressed up.

Make up a little card and set it by the bed inviting your spouse to the party you plan to have later one. It doesn’t have to be anything fancy, just a hand written note will work.

Costumes For Your “After Hours” Halloween Party

halloween after party bedroom edition

To start off with, you and your spouse need fun costumes. If you haven’t noticed, the retail world has turned the holiday into a sexy one, so you have all kinds of costumes to choose from.

If you don’t have a full costume idea, you can wear just accessories and nothing else.

I’m thinking:

  • Feather boas
  • Mardi gra masks
  • Beads/necklaces
  • Animal ears
  • Neckties/bow ties

If you are in need of some fun ideas for whole costumes, then you can check out some of the posts I wrote of the things Austin and I have worn in the past. Obviously, these are not sexy ideas, but you can modify the ideas to work for your purposes.

DIY Couples Costume Ideas 

Roundup of Couple’s Costumes 

Whatever you decide to wear, just make it fun.

Fun Bedroom Games For Your After Hours Party

truth or dare cards 1


I have several bedroom games on the site that you can print off cards and game boards for. My two most popular bedroom games are the sexy truth or dare cards. People search for this every day.

Sexy Truth or Dare

Sexy Truth or Dare 2

Since you will be dressed up in costumes, one of the games I created would be perfect. This game has different prompts of how to pose for pictures.

Sexy Picture Dares For Couples 

If you want to create your own game, then use the blank game board or cards that Austin created.

DIY Couples Bedroom Games

Hopefully you will find some fun ideas to do with your spouse during your “after hours” party.

sexy halloween night

If you liked this post, then check out the one I wrote about:

How I Made My Room Feel Romantic On a Budget

candle collage for my bedroom

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4 Responses

  1. So sad. I tried this idea. I told my husband I had a “costume” for his eyes only. He acted excited this afternoon. But, alas, he fell asleep on the couch around 7:30, like usual, and is snoring away. Work wins again. Oh well. Maybe next year.

    1. Don’t give up hope! Try again another night with your costume. The same thing happened to my husband and I. I wanted to have an after party with him, but we were both exhausted after running trunks for a trunk or treat and taking the kids all around the neighborhood. Then we had so many things to do once we got home. We are going to have a rain check on the “after party”. I hope you will try again, too!

      1. Hi Keelie, thanks for the encouragement. I guess I could try again next year.
        Every time I try to do something bold and sexy it goes wrong. At least your husband and you were both tired from doing something fun together. My husband is tired because work takes precedence and I think he sleeps to avoid me. He could stay awake if there was a job at work that needed doing. I bought something sexy for Christmas Eve – he fell asleep before the kids did. I tried again and bought another piece of lingerie for his birthday – that one I put on – but he was too stressed and tired to react the way I had hoped. Then he felt super bad when I changed back into regular clothes and told him to just forget about it. Well, he acted like he felt bad, but I’m pretty sure he’s just tying to guilt trip me. It took me a looooong time to get over that one, and I finally started believing him again that he loves me and is still attracted to me, but Halloween just proved that he could care less about me, my feelings, or our sex life. If he cared, he would have asked to see my costume another day. He’s just acting like he doesn’t even remember. But he never forgets anything about work! Work is his life, his true love. I just live here.

        1. That is sooooo hard to deal with! I am so sorry for you. 🙁 My heart breaks for those that have stories just like you. I think that J over at Hot Holy Humorous would have a lot of great articles for you. She talks all the time about women that have husbands with a low sex drive or dealing with similar issues to you. You are not alone! Lots of other women have stories just like yours. I’m going to send you some great resources through email! Thank you for sharing and being so transparent. I appreciate you reading along.

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