It’s Getting Hot in Here Couples Bedroom Game


Many couples are looking for ways to connect intimately in the bedroom. In fact, if you like this game, you will love Sexy Truth or Dare. It has been my most viewed post to date. These games are geared to make you slow down a bit and really savor one another.

For that reason, my husband and I have brainstormed together to come up with another hot game. So, if you blush easily, this is your chance to exit. It is truly going to get hot in here.

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It’s Getting Hot in Here Couples Bedroom Game Printables

This game can be purchased through my Etsy shop through the link below. All you will need to do is print off the pdf’s and then grab a pair of dice and two small objects to be used as the markers for the game board.

It’s Getting Hot in Here

couples bedroom game it's getting hot in here



What You Will Need For the Game

it's getting hot in here couples bedroom game love hope adventure

There are full instructions of everything you need on the printables. I just want to highlight a few things that you will need to put together.

  • Free printable board
  • Free printable His and Her cards
  • 1 die
  • 2 game pieces (I have used two figurines from monopoly. You can use whatever you have on hand)
  • a timer
  • Start out dressed (It is pretty important that you start out dressed. It will help to add to the anticipation.)

Tips For Playing

This ideas was made to get you in the mood and really spend time with one another. If at some point you feel that it is dragging on, or you need to switch up the rules for some reason, feel free to do that. However, I suggest that you try to get all the way through it by playing by the rules, at least the first time.

You will need about an hour complete this bedroom time. This is perfect for weekend getaways, celebrating a life event, or to just spice up the bedroom on a weekend. Give yourself plenty of time to play so that you do not feel rushed.


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