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Find out more about partnering with like-minded couples to help build more intimacy in your marriage.

Benefits of the Community

Private Facebook Group

Married couples need somewhere to go to find like-minded couples willing to talk to about intimacy in marriage. We've built that safe place.

Our Private Facebook group is the perfect place to bring your questions. We engage the real topics that many couples don't feel comfortable talking about openly. The couples in this group are sex-positive and don't cast judgment on each other. 

Community Support

This affects families, jobs, marriages, & more.
We always encourage people to find or build a community BEFORE crisis hits. It can be very difficult to do so in the midst of crisis. The LHA Community can be exactly that kind of support for you and your spouse.

Private Facebook Group

Some topics need in-depth conversation. Each week, we'll tackle one of these topics. These cover a wide range of marital issues.

Practical tips about sex
How to improve communication
Gaining confidence in the bedroom



We've spent years searching out safe resources to help us grow our intimacy. We will share with you where you can find these resources.

Also, you will gain access to the resources we've created ourselves. These are frank, & honest without being overly graphic.




Free Trial!

We know it can be hard to jump blindly into something new. That's why we're going to let you try out the Community risk-free.

Sign up and you'll get 7 days to
explore the Community and make sure it's beneficial to your marriage. 

If it's not, cancel your account and
you won't owe a thing! 

Here's What Other People Are Saying:


Mike & Karen
LHA Community Members
Married 52 years

"I have appreciated that Keelie & Austin never shy away from difficult questions about sex. They are straightforward, explicit and unafraid to give answers without being judgmental. I look forward to more answers to some of my most troubling and often embarrassing questions."


The Bra Fit Advocate
Married 9 years

"Keelie and Austin provide such a valuable service to married couples. They have impacted me in so many ways in my marriage. Their personal experiences have helped them to cover all of the details we may not always think to work on ourselves. This course is well worth the time and money investment. I truly believe that the habits learned in this course will save marriages."


Daniel & Emily
Creators of Ultimate Intimacy
Married 14 years

"The discussions on the Love Hope Adventure Community are insightful. I learn a lot from other couples, and it's nice to find a safe place to ask questions."


Why You Should Invest In Your Marriage Financially

This may be a strange concept to some,
but we've found it important over the years.

Watch this Facebook Live video to hear about why it's so  very important to invest in your marriage financially.

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5 Foundations of Intimacy in Marriage

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