Why You Should be Flirting With Your Spouse

After a few years into marriage, the natural flirtation between you and your spouse can fade. For some couples, it fades quicker than for others. Either way, it is an essential part of marriage, and you should invest time into it. 

keep flirting with each other

Show Your Spouse You Care

Flirting is a great way to show your spouse you are thinking about them, especially when you are intentional about it. Remember back to the dating years? It made you feel great for them to pay attention to you. The same is true now that you are married. 

We all need someone to give us attention, and what better attention than from your lover? 

Set the Mood

One of the quickest ways to get in the mood is to spend a little time flirting with your spouse. The fun interactions between the two of you during the day will go a long way when you get to the bedroom at night. If you are really lucky, it might even get you into the bedroom during the day. And there are so many ways you can flirt besides saying something flirty. What you wear, the environment you set up in the room, the way you look at your spouse….or touch them can all excite your lover.

Creates a Cycle For Sex

When you pursue your lover through flirting, you let them know that you want to be with them sexually. After you have been together sexually, you feel more bonded together and more in love. The more in love you feel, the more natural the flirting becomes. 

The cycle continues, over and over. By flirting, you are helping to establish vital sex habits in your marriage. 

Simple Way to Show Love

Paying attention to someone not only shows them that you care, but it also conveys love. We want to be loved by our spouses. Flirting will allow you to give them a constant stream of loving feelings. 

Constant reassurance of one’s love is vital in a marriage. We all have times when we feel insecure and need to be reminded that our spouse loves us. When you give your lover this type of attention, it will help them feel secure. 

Great Way to Have Fun

keep flirting with each other

Any flirting and playing with each other can bring a lot of fun and happiness into your relationship. Some couples struggle to find ways to laugh together. This is a simple way that you can enjoy each other and maybe laugh together a bit more. 

When you play around with each other, it will make you laugh and smile. Laughing together helps you feel more connected and happy. 

Be intentional with your flirting and find ways to show your lover that you care for them. Have fun, and don’t stress when it comes to flirting. Just do what feels right, and they will get the hint.

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