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6 Tips to Keeping The Fire Lit in Your Marriage

Time can take its toll on a marriage. If you don’t put in the effort, it will really hurt you in the long run. I keep seeing this quote that says that going out on a date is a lot cheaper than a divorce lawyer. It’s so true. We can think that we don’t have time for this stuff, but the truth is, if we don’t take the time in our marriage that is needed, then we will lose it. 

keeping the fire lit

1. Make Time For Dates

I say this over and over and over on my blog, Love Hope Adventure. People just aren’t taking the time to date one another. It is so essential to your marriage to take time to spend with the one you love. 

Going on a date gets you away from the ordinary things in life and helps you both focus on one another. If you don’t take the time for each other, you can easily drift apart. 

2. Keep Sex a Priority

Making love is highly important in a marriage. You should schedule sex if need be, in order to make sure that you are spending time together in that area. Never assume it is ok to go for long periods without it. I wrote a blog about different ways you can invest in your sex life together, which you can read more on here.

3. Get Involved in Activity Together

Doing things with your spouse can go a long way in keeping the adventurous sense of your marriage going. Find something you both enjoy doing and take time to do it together. It could be as simple as working out together or trying a new hobby with one another. Whatever it is that you choose, do it regularly. 

4. Do Something Thoughtful For The Other

Take the time to think about your spouse and come up with something thoughtful that will bless them. It is so important to take every opportunity to do something kind for your lover. They will feel closer to you and more in love when they see you putting in the effort to make a kind gesture. 

5. Get Rid of The Television in Your Room

This tip might take some getting used to, but eliminating the distraction of television in your room will give you something else to focus on at night. You don’t have to stop watching tv together; just do it out elsewhere in the house. Then you can cut it off and go to bed. 

When you get in bed, and you are looking at each other, you will allow yourself to get turned on. If you are staring at a screen of any kind, it can cause you to miss out on something extraordinary in your marriage. 

6. Put Your Phone Down While Talking to Each Other

Make it a rule to put your phone down while you are talking to each other. Unless there is a specific reason you need to pull your phone out, keep it put away so that you both can focus on one another. 

These are a few things you can do to keep the fire lit in your marriage. 

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2 Responses

  1. Thanks Keelie,
    Yes, I’m sure those are all really important and I’ll take note of several of the for us.
    1,2,3,4 and 6 need special attention for us.
    That just leaves no 5 and I just wanted to say we’ve never had a TV in our room. Yay, we’ve got something right 🙂 !
    We are slightly older than some of your readers but it’s worth saying that it’s really not a problem not having it. I hope that might be an encouragement to get rid of it leaving the bedroom for something much more interesting.

    1. That’s great! Glad to hear you got the tv figured out. 😀 I agree, I think it can be really distracting for couples. Now, some will argue that they need a tv in their room to connect because they have a house of teenagers that don’t go to bed. So, I do understand that on some occasions, it can be beneficial to a couple. You definitely have to figure out what is going to work for you!

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