Last Minute Gift Ideas For Your Husband or Wife

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Last Minute Gift Ideas For Your Spouse

Christmas is two days away! Are your ready? I know that there are many shoppers that are hitting the stores over the next two days doing everything they can to buy those last minute gifts.

I find that buying things for your spouse can be one of the most difficult tasks. You love them and want to show them how much you care. It can be hard to find that perfect Christmas present.

I thought I would help you out a bit on the creativity for what to give your husband or wife this year. This is a list of sexy, fun, sweet, and romantic gift ideas that you can do for your lover.

Bedroom Games Just For The Two of You

couples truth and sexy dares

The highest trafficked articles on my website are the bedroom games I offer. All of these games have free printable cards at this time.

Everyone loves Sexy Truth or Dare. Hundreds of people check this game out on my site daily. I put together a second set of cards, because the first set was so popular.

Sexy Truth or Dare 1 

Couples Sexy Truth or Dare 2 

Jay Dee, over at Sex Within Marriage, created a truth or dare game that you can play using your phone. The cool thing about his version is you can put in both yours and your spouse’s names and select the types of foreplay you enjoy.

Then the game will pull up random questions and dares, so your experience is different every time you play!

Sexy Truth or Dare Game 

If you would like to check out the rest of the bedroom games on my site, go to:

Couples Bedroom Games 

Open When Letters

This is a fun printable that you can put together for your spouse. If your spouse is often out of town or you guys have to spend time away from each other, this is perfect. I know a lot of military people are not able to be with their families all of the time, so these letters are a great idea.

You can find these printables through my affiliate link below:

Open When Letters

5 Senses Gift Set

I loved this cute idea from The Dating Divas. They show you a basket that they put together for their loved one that features a gift for each sense. It is a really cute idea and the good thing is, you basically have your shopping list put together for you.

If you want to print off the tags that they created, you can purchase them for $5.00 through my affiliate link below:

5 Senses Gift Set 

Love Talk Starter Jar


Recently, I had a reader email me and tell me about an idea they were working on for their spouse. They wanted to put together a jar that had 365 hand written notes in it. Their intention was to get their spouse talking about intimate things as well as be an encouragement to them by writing sweet notes.

A conversation jar is all kinds of fun and helps you to have something to talk about outside of normal things. Find some ideas in the two posts below.

Conversation Starters for Date Night 

Invite your Spouse to a Night of Snuggling in Front of the Tree (conversation starters included) 

Give a Night of Romance

Romantic candlit dinner

I think that many couples do not spend nearly enough time together, which is why I love the idea of giving experience based gifts. We are created to need to spend time with one another. I have a few ideas of how you can have a romantic night with your lover in these posts:

Give a Night of Romance 

Romantic Things You Can do While Wearing Lingerie 

A Date Night at Home


DIY Love Coupons

Here’s another Dating Divas original, DIY love coupons! I love these ladies. You can print off their free DIY coupons and write whatever you want to promise your spouse during the year. This is a fun idea for you to commit to spend time together over the coming months.

DIY Coupons For Your Husband or Wife

Week of Love

Day 3 week of love valentines day gift

Originally, Austin did this idea for me at Valentine’s Day. These free printable cards could easily be used as a Christmas gift. You can give your spouse one of these every day to open starting on Christmas day. Just have all of the gifts lined up and they can open one each morning.

To get the free printables and ideas of what to purchase, go to this post:

Week of Love

I hope that these ideas will help you mark some some gifts off your list!

If you are in need of other last minute gift ideas for friends and family, check out this post:

Last Minute Gift Ideas That Are Inexpensive

 Last minute gift ideas that are cheap

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