I love to encourage people to gain confidence to letting our spouses see us fully- by fully, I mean mostly physically, but this could be emotionally and spiritually, too, if you’re hiding parts of yourself from them. We should be naked and unashamed with our spouse.
I’ve heard a lot of reasons why a husband or wife doesn’t let their spouse relish in the look of their body.

-they don’t really think I’m attractive anymore
-I’ve gained weight
-I look different now that I’m older
-nothing is the same now that I’ve had babies
-they don’t like what they see

What’s your reason?
Can I let you in on something? We’ve all got the same reason- it’s fear. Fear keeps us from doing all sorts of things. Stop letting fear get in the way of you experiencing freedom in Christ.

Want to hear some ways you can get more confident with your spouse seeing your body? Check out the post I wrote about it on I Am The Sex Talk Lady.

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