4 Lies You Believe About Yourself That Hurts Your Marriage

This year, I challenge you to get rid of your self-limiting thoughts. These are the lies you believe about yourself that keep you from having a fulfilling life. Instead of giving into these ideas, tell yourself the truth. 

When you believe these things, it will affect the way you view yourself. A bad view of yourself hurts your marriage. Generally, when we believe lies about ourselves, we project those thoughts onto our spouse. And it becomes tough to distinguish what lies we’re believing and what our spouse or others are thinking about us. 

Here are four lies you need to stop believing about yourself.

1. I Have Nothing to Offer

Everyone has their own set of unique abilities that they can offer to the world. The lies in your mind say that you do not have skills and talents that others would find valuable. But that is not true. 

Don’t give in to those negative thoughts. Instead, figure out precisely what you have to offer to others and claim it. Not sure what those things are? Ask a friend to help you figure it out. Check with your spouse. They probably notice many things you take for granted. Take a personality test. There are many resources that will help you to figure out what you have to offer to others. 

2. My Life is Not Good 

We spend a lot of time comparing ourselves to the world around us. It can be comfortable to buy into the lie that you do not have a good life. When you see what others have on the surface, it can seem as though they have it better than you. 

The truth is, everyone has good things and bad things that happen in their lives. No one is perfect. You need to look around and see what you have that is good and be thankful for it. Believe the truth. 

3. I Can’t Do That

How many times have you told yourself that you can’t do something? This statement can be a bit tricky. Sometimes we say we can’t do something because we believe the lie. Other times we are just making excuses for the things we do not want to do. 

It is time to figure out if you are using the correct language to describe your feelings. If you are using those words as an excuse, then say that you are not interested in doing what you are talking about. If you honestly believe you aren’t capable of something, identify why you feel that way and accept the truth. 

4. I Am Not Attractive 

Everyone is beautiful in their own way. Beauty really is in the eye of the beholder, and you can change the way you see yourself. Just because you don’t meet the standards or criteria you see around you does not mean you are not attractive. Just because you don’t look like someone else does not mean you’re unattractive or your spouse doesn’t love all of you. It simply means you are different from that person, and those differences are a part of why you are loved.

Do not believe the lies that you aren’t pretty because you can’t measure up to others. Stop the comparisons. 

These lies will keep you from doing the things you want to do in your life. Don’t let the lies steal your joy. Also, when your spouse says something that is the opposite of these lies, I encourage you to believe them! If you don’t feel pretty or attractive, but they say you are? Believe them. Start thinking and believing good things about yourself. Your spouse married you because they love you. Now you just have to remember to love yourself the same!

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