Life Lessons That I Learned From My Grandparents

I was adopted when I was six months old. The good thing is that my natural grandparents had the chance to be a part of my life. They taught me so many great things, and I was blessed to have them around. 

life lessons from my grandparents

When There is a Crisis, You Must Make More Noise

I’m a very low-key person when it comes to crisis time. One day, my grandfather was outside working on his truck, and there was a small fire in the engine. I told my grandmother that it was on fire. 

She didn’t hear me say that there was a fire. When she saw it, she ran out and took care of it. She came back in and asked why I didn’t tell her it was on fire. I told her that I had shared that with her, but she must not have heard me. 

That day, I learned how to be heard when there is a crisis going on. We all need to know that life skill, whether it’s a fire, something isn’t working, or something emotional is going on. 

If Some Are Good, More Must Be Better

My grandmother threw moderation out the window. In our world, I see many people throwing moderation to the wind, and it is not always a healthy thing. However, there are some things in life where more is better. 

When it comes to how we love our family and spend time with others, some memories are a good thing. But more is so much better. 

Invest in Experiences

Neither my grandparents nor my parents had a lot of money growing up. None of us owned much in the way of stuff, but what we did have were our experiences. We invested in time together and went to see new things. 

I had the ability to travel a lot as a kid and a young teenager. Those experiences are things I will carry with me for the rest of my life. There is no nicknack or worldly good that can be as precious to me as the memories I have with those I love. So go get your family, and spend some time with them today. They will treasure these moments!

Your Reputation Is Important

I think we don’t teach this nearly as much as we should. Often, your reputation precedes you. There is no way to know what people have said about you or what others know about you. The thing to remember is that you should work hard to build a good reputation. 

In order to have a good reputation, you must be a person of integrity and have a strong, moral compass. When you say you will do something, you better do it. And when you say no? Hold your ground, and mean it.

Integrity is essential in building your reputation. Please don’t waste it on things that will be temporary or are not a matter of importance. Pick your battles, and make them count. 

I’m so thankful that I had great grandparents that took the time to teach me things in this life that I need to know. 

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