Lucy Libido Says, Sexually Please Your Spouse With These Essential Oils

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Lucy Libido says- There's an oil for that. For what exactly? Your libido. Come find out how to use essential oils to feel sexy, aroused, and excited during sex. 

Others have had success using these oils. Check out what one woman has to say about it


Um, sensation? You mean PANTY DROPPER AND I'M 18 again... HORMONES?! Yes. Yes you are correct. Sensational. Thank you.

~ Julianne

My biggest tip to do your makeup well

Keelie Reason

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Brooke is a wife and mama of a two-year-old boy and is a lover of all living things, humans, animals and plants alike.
She has a passion for natural, non-toxic living and overall wellness. She believes our bodies, with the proper care and aid, can be solved in the home with the tools that God gave us! This includes hormone support, emotional support, and you guessed it-LIBIDO.