What if My Kids Can Hear Me Having Sex? Help!

I know that a lot of couples worry about being too loud while having sex. It can be a pretty embarrassing thought that someone might be able to hear you. It can be even more embarrassing to think that your children might hear you.

loud sex

Will My Kids Hear Me?

There is no real way of knowing whether or not your kids will hear you having sex unless they say something to you. If they are really young, they may ask you about it because of concern. If they are old enough to know what sex is, I’m willing to bet they will not come to you and say anything.

When I was growing up, I had a bedroom that was right next to my parent’s room. I know that they enjoyed a very active love life, but I never heard them when I was a child living next to them.

Even though I’m a very light sleeper and have deal with insomnia my entire life, I never remember hearing them. In the first few hours of the night is when you get some of your deepest sleep. Should you have kids that tend to wake up, you will likely get a couple of hours while they are sleeping.

Will it Damage My Children To Hear Me Have Sex?

When I was a teenager, I knew that my parents were having fun with one another. I think there might have been one or two times when I heard them, but it didn’t bother me at all. In fact, it was normal, because they are married, and married people are the ones that should be having sex.

They were outspoken with me that they enjoyed their time together and that it was something I could look forward to when I was married. Their openness with me about sex has really helped me in my married life.

Ways to Deal With Being Self-Conscious About The Noise

Even though it will not hurt your children to hear you, I can totally understand why it would be awkward. I’m privileged to have a bedroom that is on the other side of the house from my kids, so I don’t normally worry about it. If that is not your situation, you can always try some of these ideas:

Go Into a Bathroom or Closet

loud sex

If you have an inner closet or bathroom, consider taking your lovemaking session into one of those rooms. Of course you will have to get creative with a standing position, oral sex, or sitting in a chair. This can put another sound buffer between you and your kids.

Play Music or Turn On the Television

You can distort some sounds in your room by turning on music or the television if you have one in your room. The noise that comes from your room will sound more jumbled when you cut on those other things. These alternatives might wake your kids up, but if they aren’t sleeping, it can help.

Make Sure The Kids Are Asleep

Take a look in on your kids and make sure they are asleep. If you have teenagers or older kids, see if their light is still on. You might be able to feel better if your kids are asleep. This might help you feel more confident that they will not hear you.

Sleepover Time!

Send your kids to someone else’s house, whether it is for a sleepover or just a few hours. This way, you can go back to your house and enjoy some loud time together. Everyone needs time to be able to let loose while making love from time to time.

I’ve also linked to a video below that I made going over additional tips, tricks, and advice on this.

These are some of the ways that you can work on feeling less self-conscious when it comes to making love.

What tips do you have on this? Leave me a not in the comments and let me know.

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