What Causes Low Libido?

Both husbands and wives are susceptible to low libido. What is low libido exactly? It’s when you don’t have the desire to have sex. So, what causes that? There are certainly several things that can cause you to have low libido that I’ll discuss in this article.

First, I want you to watch this video and ask yourself if you have low-libido or if you just have a responsive desire.

Here are a few things that could actually cause your libido to be low.

1. Sex is Painful

Some people experience pain when they are having sex. Discomfort during sex will kill the mood.

These are a few of the types of pain you might experience:

When you are in pain during a time of sex, it can keep you from enjoying yourself. In fact, you may not orgasm at all. It can be hard to be excited about sex if you know you are going to be let down.

2. Medication or Medical Conditions

Some medications can cause your desire to go away. Medications like birth control and antidepressants are big culprits. Talk to your doctor about trying a different medicine if it keeps up. There might be other things you can do to control your condition.

3. Too Tired

Maybe you have little babies you are getting up with all through the night. Or, you might be in a busy season of life at work. It could be that you have been sick for a while. No matter what the reason you are tired, it can keep you from getting excited about sex.

4. Being Pregnant

Some women have a higher libido when they get pregnant. Others have hormone changes that decrease their desire. Even when you are breastfeeding, it can cause your hormones to be out of whack.

This season of a woman’s life also brings a lot of factors that can make it hard for her to engage in sex. Taking care of children is draining and exhausting. It causes women to have a different opinion of her body, which can keep her from not feeling sexy.

5. Problems in The Marriage

Real problems in the marriage can keep you from enjoying sex with your spouse. It can be hard to feel close to someone when you are always fighting.

If you are dealing with low libido, it’s best to figure out what’s going on. Once you know the reason behind what you are dealing with, you can work towards a solution.

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