My Honest Lume Deodorant Review For Better Intimacy

Body odor that comes from your genitals or butt can be very strong sometimes. So strong that you can often smell yourself when you’re naked. This is definitely a concern when you’re getting intimate with your husband or wife. Bad smells can be a real turn-off. 

Have you ever tried to cover up those smells with scented lotion? All you end up with is a butt that smells like butt and lotion…not pleasant. Maybe using soap isn’t even enough to kill the smell. What’s the solution if you can’t cover up the smell of your fishy vagina, sweaty balls, or butt? I recommend Lume Deodorant. I actually use this deodorant and have had a lot of success with it. 

Lume Deodorant Review

Initially, I tried Lume because I was personally struggling with bad underarm odors. I had been using a prescription-strength deodorant to try and help. But, I didn’t really think it was doing all that well. 

Also, one of my kids was really struggling with body odor as well as they were going through puberty. Honestly, nothing was helping him. I tried spraying his clothes with vinegar, asking him to rub his pits with vinegar, etc. 

If you’ve ever seen the Lume commercials, you will know they are hilarious, but also, they are very informative. I was already spending a lot of money on prescription-strengthed deodorants that I didn’t think were working, so I decided to just go for it and try it out. 

Lume Deodorant Actually Worked

I have heard horror stories about natural deodorants not actually helping you with body odor. Also, I’ve heard that they can cause rashes. Either way, I didn’t really know what to expect. I was shocked that it made an immediate difference for myself and my son. If he didn’t use it one day, I knew it because his body odor was back. 

Lume Can Be Used in Your Private Parts

lume deodorant review

One thing that attracted me to this deodorant is that it is safe to use on your vagina, anus, penis, scrotum…essentially all of your private areas. And I thought…I’m gonna try this and see if it makes a difference. Guess what, it did! Not only did I smell like nothing, I actually felt fresher in all my intimate parts. It made me feel a lot more confident during sex, especially oral sex. 

How I Personally Use Lume Deodorant

When I first got this product, I was using it on my underarms and my private areas. I gave it to one of my kids and Austin to use. It cut down on the b.o. for both of them immediately. But I don’t think they prefer it to their regular deodorant so they don’t tend to use it unless I request it. 

Personally, I used it under my pits for several weeks and it did eventually start bothering me. I think I found that for myself, it was better to only use it every few days under my arms. It was causing a few rubbing spots for me under there. Now, some of this could be that I live in Texas and it’s over 100 degrees here for weeks at a stretch. It means excessive sweating that causes a lot of irritation. Since Lume doesn’t keep you from sweating, it’s highly possible my rashes were due to how badly I was sweating. 

However, I use it daily for my private areas. I feel fresher when I use it and I have zero smell down there. 

It Stinks – By That I Mean it Smells Like Butt

One thing that is hard to handle with this deodorant is that it smells like an actual dirty butt. This is a big hurdle for a lot of people since it has an awful smell. They do have other scents like lavender, Lime, or whatever…but I actually think the scented ones smell worse. Because they smell like dirty butt and lavender. 

Personally, I like to just get the unscented one…which smells just smells like butt. But I can handle it better than the other scents. 

It seems so counterproductive to put on this deodorant because you’re trying to make something that stinks smell better. You wouldn’t think adding something that stinks to something stinky and will make it smell like nothing, but it does. I don’t know what’s in this formula that causes it to smell the way it does, but once you rub it in after a few minutes, it smells like nothing at all. 

The Cost is Worth It

Oh yeah, it’s not cheap. I pay about $13-$14 per stick of Lume Deodorant. They sell it on their website, but I actually just get it on Amazon. This is the two-pack that I buy every couple of months. I looked back at my order history and it looks like I order this two-pack every four months. It would mean that one tube is lasting me about 2 months. I only use it on my private areas these days and rarely on my underarms. I do two clicks per day.

How to Apply Lume Deodorant To Private Areas

unscented lume deodorant

In order to apply this to your private areas, I recommend you do one click for your genitals and one-click for your butt hole. Rub the amount of one click on your genital area. 

Women, do not insert this product inside of your vagina, just on the outer labia and all around. 

Men, rub this on your balls and all around the hair area, because this is where the b.o. smell lives.

For your butt, pull apart your cheeks and rub the deodorant all around the inside of your anus. 

You should notice any bad smells coming from down there go away after a few minutes. 

Don’t Apply Where Your Spouse Will Lick

If you’re going to use this product to freshen up before oral sex, make sure you don’t apply it to your genitals. I know it is a natural product, but I don’t know if it is safe for consumption. It should be fully absorbed before your spouse licks on those areas. Instead, use a washcloth to clean those areas and rub the deodorant on other parts of your butt and skin where bacteria live to cut down on the smell. 

I hope this very honest review will help you make a decision about this product and how to use it. If you or your spouse feels like oral sex is gross, cutting down on the smell of butt or b.o. can make a big difference. I encourage you to at least give it a shot.

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