The Mad Hatter and Queen of Hearts Couples Costume Idea

If you didn’t know, Austin and I love to dress up in costumes. We spent 14 years in youth ministry, which gave us plenty of chances to do this. From camps, to costume Christmas parties, to Halloween, we have been a lot of things over the years.

Mad Hatter and Queen of Hearts couples Costume

Last year, we dressed up as the Mad Hatter and the Queen of Hearts. It was a really fun couples costume to put together.

The Mad Hatter Costume

Austin went as the Mad Hatter. Here’s what we used to make his costume-

  • A dark colored dress shirt
  • A suit jacket and mismatched suit pants
  • Colorful piece of material for the tie
  • Homemade Mad Hatter hat
  • Homemade half a cup of tea

How We Made the Mad Hatter Hat

mad hatter costume and half a cup of tea DIY Mad Hatter Hat Pins

The hat was the key to pulling off this costume. In order to make it, I used an old leprechaun hat that I bought a few years ago. We wrapped a piece of material around it, and then I hot glued yarn around the edges to make it look like the Mad Hatter’s hair.

I used a yarn that was similar to this one. It had two thick braids that twisted around itself. To get the curly hair look, I just cut the strings short and I separated the two pieces. Then, I cut the yarn all the same length and hot glued it around the edge ot the hat.

Alice’s Half a Cup of Tea

half a cup of tea alice in wonderland

To make the half a cup of tea that the Mad Hatter served to Alice, we used a cardboard oatmeal container. Austin cut it in half to shorten it, and then cut it in half again.

I cut a piece of plastic wrap and hot glued it over the edges to create a clear wall. You can skip this step if you like. To hide the plastic, we slid the other half of the oatmeal container around it.

For the saucer, I used a round container lid from a large thing of ice cream. You can glue this part together if you like.

The handle was made out of the plastic ridge that was on top of the oatmeal container. If you don’t have this plastic ridge, you can always use a plastic lid and cut it out. Austin spray painted the entire outside with white paint.

Queen of Hearts Costume

Here’s what I used for the Queen of Hearts costume-

How I Made the Top

I just happened to own this Vampire Corset. I bought a deck of cards and took out all of the hearts and diamonds. There weren’t quite enough heart cards to do the entire vampire wings, so I had to add in some of the diamonds. I just made sure that the hearts were most prominent.

All I did was use hot glue to attach the cards to the vampire wing. Since the cards left sharp edges, I glued a strip of black material around the bottom of the cards to keep from hurting my neck.

How I Made the Skirt

Mad hatter and queen of hearts costume ideas

For the skirt, I took a red cape I owned and pinned it to sheer material. I didn’t sew anything together, because I didn’t want to mess up my red cape. Then, I taped a few red paper doily hearts to the center of the white material.

I wore checkered socks and black shoes. However, my skirt was so long, you couldn’t really see the socks.

Queen of Hearts Makeup Tutorial

I watched a few Queen of Hearts make-up tutorials to figure out how to do my makeup. I didn’t like the really huge blue makeup in the Tim Burton rendition, but I did do a blue look.

For my hair, I pulled it up and sprayed red hairspray paint all over. I topped it off with a red crown and stuck the Queen of Hearts card in it.

Other Couples Costume Ideas

Here’s a few of the other couples costume ideas we have done in the past.

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Thelma and Shaggy Costume


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