Marriage Bed Tips That Will Rock Your Sex Life

Are you looking for some new ways to spice up your sex life? There are many fun things you can do to make sex feel better for you or your spouse. I put together a round-up of marriage bed tips you can try.

1. Button Rub Clitoris Technique

Marriage Bed Tips suggests that you use the button rub technique in order to stimulate a wife’s clitoris during sex. God designed a woman to have 8,000 nerve endings in the clitoris. If you haven’t taken time to really get to know your anatomy, it is important that you and your spouse explore.

Check out the detailed instructions of how to get more stimulation during intercourse in their post-

The Button Rub Intercourse Technique

2. A Day of Sex

I’m so glad that my friend Jay Dee wrote about his experience with having a day of sex with his wife. He came up with the idea and figured out some rules that he and his wife played by during the day. It was a really great experience for them.

If you want to try it with your spouse, then check out his post here-

A Day of Sex

3. Husband’s Hands When Wife is On Top

El Fury put together a great post about what a husband can do with his hands while his wife is on top of him during sex. If your wife isn’t one that likes an on-top position, she may reconsider if you add in some of these ideas.

Head over and check out his round-up here-

Husband’s Hands When Wife is On Top

4. Foreplay Moves That Will Actually Turn You On

If you are like me, then you’re tired of reading “how to spice up your sex life” posts that tell you to do one of three horrible things- watch porn, masturbate to porn, or have a threesome.

I have a full post of foreplay moves that are sexy and exciting –

Foreplay Moves That Will Actually Turn You On

5. Oral Sex Tips

Oral sex is a great way to be intimate with your spouse. Both giving and receiving can be bonding as well as a huge turn-on. Some people really struggle with oral sex, which is why I’ve written several posts that will help you. Whether you struggle with the gross factor of oral sex, technique, or confidence, these articles will help you.

Check these out –

Tips to feel more comfortable with oral sex

Tips for giving your husband a blow job

Tips for giving your wife oral sex

What marriage bed tips that spice up your sex life would you add to the list? Leave me a comment!

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