Marriage Challenges Can Help You Go Deeper

Marriage Challenges Can Help You Go Deeper

I’ve recently purchased a bundle of ebooks that I have made been reading. I wanted to highlight 3 of those books today.

7 Days Sex Challenge

Tony and Alisa share with you 7 different ideas for a week of sex. They have some great freebies that you can receive when you buy the book. All you need to do is sign up for their free newsletter and they will send you the information.

See their book on Amazon: 7 Days of Sex Challenge: How to Rock Your Sex Life and Your Marriage

They have 19 questions about sex that you can ask your spouse. Also, they have a few audio resources about scheduling sex and their own intimacy journey. They also have 74 ideas of nice things you can do for your spouse.

175 Date Night Ideas

Alida has some great date night ideas. She gives you a short explanation of the things you can do with your spouse. If you are in a rut for date night, you might get some good ideas. I personally didn’t see anything on the list that jumped out at me as something I was dying to do. It did get me thinking about some new ideas for Austin and me, though.

You can check this book out on Amazon: 175 Best Date Ideas: The Ultimate Bucket List of Dates for Couples

30 Day Marriage Challenge

Becky shares with you 30 different things you can do this month to have a better marriage. I really liked the chapter where she talks about dealing with your junk. So many people need to do that one.
Here’s the link to see it on Amazon: 30 Day Marriage Challenge: Accepting the challenge to make your marriage better in one month

I thought these three books were worth checking out. 

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