Marriage Mistakes You Don’t Want to Make

I wanted to invite Meredith Bonnet on today to share some of her top marriage mistakes. When it comes to threatening divorce or separation after arguments.  You can’t go take back those words once you say them.

Marriage Mistakes You Don't Want to Make

Here’s what she has to say-

Relationships are tricky to navigate, especially in the early days. It takes a lot to make relationships successful, and often, it’s a case of trial and error and seeing what works best for you. Of course, while doing this, it’s far too easy to make some rather catastrophic mistakes.

These are things that can, sometimes, change the course of your relationship forever. That might sound like an over exaggeration, but it’s true.

With that in mind, I thought that I would share a list of all the silly relationship mistakes that you don’t want to be making. Whether you’re in a new relationship or a long-term one, these things apply to you. The truth is, there are some mistakes that you just can’t come back from. 

Threatening to Divorce or Separate After an Argument


You’ve exchanged a few heated words with your partner, and are feeling incredibly angry, upset and hurt. In the heat of the moment, you let those six fatal words slip – “I think we should divorce or split up”. You don’t really mean it; you’re just so stressed out about what’s happened that you say them without thinking. The moment the words leave your lips, you regret saying them, but it’s too late, you can’t take them back.

You may apologize, and everything is fine again. However, your partner may take what you’re saying seriously. They may be so upset that you could even think to say those things that right there and then they break up with you, leaving you heartbroken. If this is the case, the best thing you can do is try and get them back.

For doing this, there’s plenty of dating advice on that you should take a look at. It might take time, but with the right steps, you may be able to win them back. If they do take you back, learn from your mistake and only utter those words if you mean them.

Complaining Constantly About Your Spouse’s Flaws

We all have flaws; it’s a fact of life. The chances are that once you’re past the honeymoon stage of your relationship, you’ll start to notice your partner’s flaws. Little things that you never noticed before may start to bug you. If this is the case, it’s hard not to moan at your partner.

The thing is, if you constantly moan at them about their behavior, they’ll start to resent you. Of course, if something is bugging you, it’s fine to say so, but don’t constantly moan at them about it. Have an adult conversation and discuss why you’re getting so upset about it.

People want to be appreciated for who they are; they don’t want to be changed. If you want your relationship to go the distance, it’s important to understand that. So whatever you do, don’t make the mistake of constantly pointing out and moaning about your partner’s flaws.

You can’t change who they are; you need to learn to love them despite their flaws. True love is loving someone regardless of the little things that they do that bugs you. Move past their flaws and focus on all the good things.

Not Being Confident in Yourself

Confidence in yourself

If you have any chance of your relationship being successful, you need to be confident in yourself. Studies have shown that when in relationships, having self-confidence is crucial. You see, if you don’t have a good amount of self-confidence, it can cause problems when it comes to your relationship.

You may be too clingy with your partner because you don’t value yourself and believe that they could do better. That’s just one example of what issues a lack of confidence can cause when it comes to your relationship. There are also many others.

By lacking confidence, you can impact your relationship in ways you couldn’t even imagine. If you don’t have the self-esteem that you need to know your value, fake it. Seriously, faking it can have a big impact on how confident you feel, you’d be amazed at how it will change your perception of yourself. Pretend to be confident and act like you are, and believe it or not; confidence will come. Self confidence can make a huge difference in your marriage. 

You Don’t Appreciate What Your Spouse Does For You

Be thankful for your spouse

So, your partner may not be perfect, but if he does cute little things for you, it’s important to appreciate it. If they make you toast with your favorite topping, don’t moan because it’s not cut into triangles like you like. Instead, thank them for doing something for you, and appreciate them for it.

No matter what it is, if they’re trying their best, appreciate them for it. If he makes the time to do things he knows that you love, like surprise you with flowers, thank him for it. Even if they’re not your favorite ones, be grateful and appreciate the gesture.

If your partner doesn’t feel appreciated, they’ll start to resent you. They may even start treating you differently. The problem is that if they feel like whatever they do isn’t good enough, they’re going to start to wonder why the two of you are even together.

If you want your relationship to last, it’s crucial that you appreciate your partner for what they do for you. From waking you up with a cup of tea to treating you to cute little gifts throughout the year, appreciate anything and everything that they do for you.

Relationships are far from easy; they take a lot of time and effort to ensure that they last. There are a lot of mistakes that can be made in relationships, many of which can have a significant impact. If you want to avoid the worst relationship faux pas, take note of the tips and advice above.

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