Why I Write About Recipes and Crafts on a Marriage and Romance Blog

Why I Write About Recipes and Food on a Marriage Blog

If you have taken a look over my posts, you’ll see that I focus my topics on sex and marriage. Other times I write about recipes or DIY crafts. In a internet full of niche’ blogs, you might wonder why I bother with anything other than marriage and sexual intimacy.

A Good Marriage Is More Than Just Good Sex



Aren’t there other blogs that you can read that post recipes or crafts? Sure, there are plenty of great recipes on the internet. Of course you can find someone else who is doing just as good a job of blogging about projects.

On a blog that talks about marriage, you should see that there is much more to it than having a good sex life. If all you ever see from me is how to have better or more intimate sex, then I’m doing you a disservice. A good sex life comes from doing life with your partner.

Build Your Relationship By Checking Off Your To-do’s


Wouldn’t it be nice if we could spend all day long laying in bed in our lover’s arms? Maybe a day or two of that, but you have to go back to life at some point. That means cooking dinner, going to the grocery store and helping out with homework.

All of us have a to-do list of things that need to be accomplished each day. Instead of looking at the tasks you do as one isolated event, consider seeing your life as a whole. Every task or to-do is part of being married and loving your partner.

Accomplish Your Tasks With Your Marriage in Mind

By going to work, taking care of children, or cleaning up after a sick pet is part of your marriage. Taking care of one another and our families through tasks is what it means to be in a relationship.

I love my husband in a tremendous way. Part of showing him that love is how I take care of our home. Cooking dinner each night is a labor of love. Helping the kids with homework and projects is another way to show my husband how much I care about him.

We both go to work everyday with one thing in mind, each other. He does not go to work so he can get away from me. He works because he wants to provide for our family. He shows me he loves me when he does dishes or takes out the trash.

Marriage is Destroyed When Tasks Are Not Shared


The mundane tasks in life can build your marriage or destroy it. Think of how much it frustrates you when your spouse does not help out around the house or with other tasks. If your spouse is not doing as much as you feel they should, it affects you negatively.

Negotiating housework, job obligations, and parenting is what makes relationships tough. You and your partner should talk about expectations and be willing to change. When you have expectations that are not met, it is the start of destruction in the marriage.

You would be wrong to think that the way you handle your chore list doesn’t affect your sex life.

Sexual Intimacy Starts Before You Get in the Bedroom


There is a difference between sex that feels good and sex that makes you one with your husband or wife. Before you can enjoy an intimate sexual experience, you have to build your relationship. The way you handle your tasks and responsibilities has a lot to do with intimacy.

Show Love To Your Spouse By Accomplishing Tasks

Have you ever walked in a room and saw you spouse doing a chore that is normally yours? If you have experienced this, then you’ll know you feel loved. Maybe you have watched your spouse love on your children. It is heart warming to see any parent love the children, in particular your partner.

You can fill your partner’s heart with love by doing simple things for them. Let’s be honest, doing the dishes is not just for your spouse. It is for you and everyone in your family. However, if your spouse is the one that does dishes in general, they will greatly appreciate having a break from it.

Doing Life Together Makes You Close


When you got married to that handsome man or beautiful woman, you were committing to doing life together. Years down the road, it can seem like you are doing anything but life together. Instead of  looking at what you do as separate, think of doing it as a team.

Take a Team Approach to Life

When you and your partner take the team approach to life, you will feel more connected. Instead of labeling a task as being the sole responsibility of just one, make it the responsibility of whoever sees that it needs to be done.

Keeping score in a relationship can get you in trouble. Isn’t it funny how it can start with chores. You keep track of how many times you did dishes this week or helped the kids with homework next to the production of your spouse.

Instead of keeping score of how much more you do than your loved one, look at it from a team perspective. Think of how much you got accomplished in a week together.


What do you think it takes to build an intimate relationship with the one you love?


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