Marriage Tips For Newlyweds to Have a Peaceful Home

You’ve probably spent a lot of time thinking about setting up your house when you get married. But, have you thought about how to set up your marriage so there is peace in your home. Even if you have the perfect furniture and decor, a bad relationship can make a home uninviting.

I invited Jennifer Dawson on to share a few tips to set your marriage up to have a peaceful home. This is what she has to say-

The number of unmarried couples cohabiting has increased from 430,000 in 1960 to over eight million in 2015, yet reportedly those who live together before marriage are 50% more likely to divorce than those who did not. Whether you lived together or not, a perfect wedding day does not guarantee a good marriage. You should consider what happens after the wedding and how effective communication can create a happy home. 

Spend Time Together

It may sound obvious, but it’s easy to fall back into a fast-paced way of life once the wedding is over. Ensure that you make time for each other. That’s not to say you have to spend every moment together, but try not to become like ships in the night who rarely see each other for more than a fleeting minute in the morning or evening. Manage and discuss your schedules to fit quality time in each week to keep your bond strong.

Be Realistic

You may love each other completely, but in any relationship, there will be things that annoy the other person. These don’t need to be huge issues but may be insignificant behaviors or habits. It’s normal to have such niggles, but ensure you discuss minor issues before they transfer into something more serious. Don’t let resentment build, talk to each other.

Be Kind to Each Other
Sometimes it’s the little actions that make a big difference, like leaving notes for your partner, making their fave foods or telling them how much you love them. Do make a big deal when you reach your first wedding anniversary, because all wedding anniversaries are an achievement and a celebration. Be honest too, if you have your eye on your dream ring for your birthday mention it, but remember that gifts don’t make a happy marriage.
Don’t Neglect Your Sex Life

Sex is an intrinsic part of marriage and although life may be busy, it’s essential to keep having sex. If you have to make plans to book it in, then so be it. A study of almost three hundred married individuals found that discussing sexual information gave increased relationship satisfaction and closeness. Talk to each other about your needs and be honest about what you want. People may worry that they shouldn’t need to discuss their sex life because it should just happen naturally, but when you commit to a person for the rest of your lives, it may require a discussion now and again. 

Marriage is a wonderful and lifelong commitment, but living together can be a huge change for both individuals. Communication throughout marriage is key in relation to spending time together, a healthy and active sex life and for airing concerns or issues. It’s like many things, the more you communicate the easier it gets. 

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