Massage Course for Couples

My friend Denis, over at Melt Massage, is putting his massage courses on sale for the holiday. Get the Couples Masterclass Here. You’re going to love his course. He produced very high-quality videos of his massage skills that are so easy, anyone can do them.

My biggest piece of feedback about the course is that he taught me how to give a massage without dealing with hand fatigue. And, he taught me how to get into a comfortable position that helped me feel relaxed while giving it. Believe it or not, massages do not have to be as much work as they seem. I actually enjoyed doing it!

Here’s how I did a night of massage:

1. Use The Massage Course

I set up the computer next to where we’d be sitting so I could watch the tutorials while massaging. The best way to learn how to do it is to have a model. Don’t think you need to know how to do the massage before that night. The videos have beautiful, relaxing music so you can enjoy playing them while you massage.

2. How to Sit For a Comfortable Massage

Denis recommends that you sit on a small stool or beanbag type of chair and put your spouse in front of you. The position he taught helped me massage without feeling uncomfortable or getting tired. I set up our area in front of the fireplace.

3. Use Almond Oil

You need oils! He recommends almond oil, but also sells oils on Amazon that are really high-quality. You can check out his special blend here. Actually, when you buy it, you one of his massage courses for free. So, check the description.

Giving your spouse an intimate massage is a great way to enjoy a night of love and passion. This massage is a great lead-in for sex.

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