Should You Meet Your Own Physical Needs in Marriage?

Last week, we were asked by one of our viewers if taking care of their physical needs in marriage was wrong. They also wanted to know if it was cheating on their spouse to do it.

Austin and I answered this question on Periscope and Facebook Live as well as in a blog post on my sister site. I’ve got to say- I was surprised by the reactions we received to this topic.

Self Pleasure is a Sensitive Topic

As many things as I have talked about in regards to sex, I’ve never had people say things like-

You were brave for tackling that subject….

Wow, that’s a sensitive topic. Good job on addressing it…

Whoa- you’re talking about that?

Not only did I have a lot of those reactions, but I have had some readers get really personal in sharing their stories of the role masturbation has played in their marriage.

A Few Reasons People Take Care Of Their Own Physical Needs

Usually, what I find, is that one person resorts to masturbating, because their spouse is not interested in sex. Or, one does it in combination with viewing porn.

If you want to read what I had to say, head over to my other website, I Am The Sex Talk Lady.

Is Masturbation in Marriage Wrong 


Suffice it to say- if you haven’t had a conversation with your spouse about whether or not they please themselves when you aren’t around….you need to. This isn’t one of those topics you should avoid.

So…since I was already addressing sensitive issues this week, I decided to go ahead and talk about period sex.  I wrote this in response to what readers were saying about masturbation in their marriage.

Have you had this conversation with your spouse?


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