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Keelie wrote a little while back about some last-minute Father’s Day gift ideas and hinted at her gift for me. She bought a Melt Massage e-course and learned some basic massage techniques. After the kids were down for the night, she set up a little massage pallet and invited me over.

Learning The Techniques

The Melt Massage e-course comes in the form of several short videos. Each massage video covers a basic technique and builds on the previous videos.

Here’s a look inside of the Melt Masterclass:

Keelie went over some of the videos in advance. However, she didn’t really have time to memorize it all and become an immediate expert. As a result, she decided to pull up the videos as she was giving me the massage.

1. Tone

First, I could listen to Denis Merkas read the phone book for an hour every day. He not only has a great accent but he also just has this soothing voice. He has a calm confidence that’s perfect for the subject matter he’s teaching.

2. Format

The bite-sized Melt Massage videos focus on just one or two things each. This is perfect for beginners like us. At the end of each video, you feel like you’ve really learned something and can start doing it right away. As you can imagine, a second viewing can be helpful. Having the short videos helps you hop back to catch that one thing you want to see again.

3. Content

Denis not only presents the material well in tone and format, he just has good content! He immediately corrected some widely-held misunderstandings about massage and helped us with therapeutic massage. He emphasizes the right approaches. He also teaches hand techniques so you don’t wear out right away.

Feeling The Techniques

Melt massage technique

Yeah, yeah, yeah – learning. Great, lovely. But what did it feel like?


I’ll admit, my feedback on the videos is only partial. This is because I spent a good portion of our session as a useless lump on the blanket in the floor. Just about as soon as Keelie began on my neck, I knew it was a good purchase.

At the beginning, I was watching the Melt Massage videos along with her and giving her feedback, “up a bit, squeeze like this, there ya go.”  After a few minutes, all my feedback turned into “uhng, mmhmmm, yahhhhhh.”

It didn’t take her long to get the main concepts down pat, and it just kept getting better after that. She started getting the hang of transitioning from one technique to another and improving each individual technique.

Overall Impressions

I’d say the Melt Massage e-course was a hit for us! It’s geared as an intimate massage course and delivers in every way. Also, since Denis is a professional, he teaches you deep tissue techniques and therapeutic massage techniques.

It’s user-friendly. It’s perfect for beginners. And it’s effective. Best of all, it turns out to be a gift for both of you! Now that Keelie has access, I get to learn the techniques to use for her as well.

If you’re looking for a good gift for your spouse, I highly recommend this course. It’s versatile enough that it would be great for birthdays, anniversaries, Mother’s or Father’s Day, or even Christmas.

Biggest Tip We Learned About Massage

Keelie said that her biggest piece of feedback about the course is that Denis taught her how to give a massage without dealing with hand fatigue. And, he taught her how to get into a comfortable position that helped her feel relaxed while giving it. Believe it or not, massages do not have to be as much work as they seem. You can actually enjoy doing it!

Here’s How We Did a Night of Massage With Melt

It wasn’t hard to set up and do a night of massage with these courses. Here’s how we’ve used Melt in our massage nights: 

1. Use The Melt Massage Videos

I set up the computer next to where we’d be sitting so I could watch the tutorials while massaging. The best way to learn how to do it is to have a model. Don’t think you need to know how to do the massage before that night. The videos have beautiful, relaxing music so you can enjoy playing them while you massage.

2. Sit On a Beanbag Chair For a Comfortable Massage

Denis recommends that you sit on a small stool or beanbag type of chair and put your spouse in front of you. The position he taught helped me massage without feeling uncomfortable or getting tired. I set up our area in front of the fireplace.

3. Go Slowly and Use Light Motions

It’s important that you take it slow and don’t go too hard at first. Denis teaches long strokes and light touches. This helps you from hitting fatigue, plus it is more comfortable for your spouse. 

He likes to mix the meany with the sweety moves. The meany is doing more deep tissue massage techniques and the sweety is to rub it out. If you have ever been to a therapeutic massage therapist, they tend to really dig into your body without much rest. But, with the Melt Massage course, Denis wants you to be able to enjoy that time together and not walk away in pain.

4. Let Your Massage Lead to Sex

Use this as foreplay and let it lead into a night of sex. You can even take turns giving the other person a massage. That’s a great way for you to connect before you move into a time of intimacy. 

Oils Recommended For Melt Massage

Sweet Almond Oil

Apricot Oil

Grape Seed Oil

To learn more about the massage program or purchase go to the Melt Massage Website.  

I hope that this Melt Massage review will help you make a good decision about buying it. I’d recommend you check out his YouTube channel for all of the resources that he offers. 

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    1. That’s great to hear Colin! We really enjoyed the course and have loved how it makes it easier for us to massage each other. 🙂

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