Men Want to Sexually Please Their Wives

I find it very interesting that I get so many searches for how men can sexually please their wives. Consequently, I get a lot of searches like-

  • how do I please my wife for sex
  • how to please your wife sexually Christian
  • how to please wife sexually
  • how to sexually please your wife
  • how can I please my wife
  • how to pleased wife sexually

and the list goes on…


These searches are taken straight from my analytics. Know what it tells me? There are a lot of Godly guys out there that really want to take care of their wives sexually. To me, it dispels the myth that all men want from women is pleasure and to take care of their sexual needs. It’s obvious that there are a lot of guys who truly want to understand their wives and how to make them feel amazing during sex.

Unfortunately, two positions down, the post What to do When Sex Feels Like a Chore. And the searches the bring men to the site for that are:

  • wife is not in the mood
  • wife feels like sex is a chore
  • chore sex
  • how to get wife in the mood

I know that there are women in this same position with their husbands. They have a low sex drive husband who’s rarely in the mood and they want to know how to pleasure them. I haven’t personally spoken to those subjects, so no one is coming to my site about it. But J over at Hot Holy Humorous has spoken on the topic many times. Like in her post, High Drive Wives Are Not Crockpots.

Sex is Complicated For Couples

It’s just a reminder to me that sex is very complicated and that when I feel like I’ve written about the subject enough, there’s so much left to talk about. Sometimes I wonder if I’m beating a dead horse with all of the advice and information I provide about being sexually active. But, then, I see the heart of my readership and realize they are still desperately searching for answers. So I’ll write on.

When you feel discouraged and down about your sex life, just remember that other couples are out there and struggling. While this won’t keep you from experiencing problems in your marriage, it is always comforting to know you aren’t alone in your problems.

If you ever have any questions you want me to address, just let me know! You can email me at [email protected] and I’ll be happy to answer you in a blog post or video.

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