Men’s Lingerie and Sexy Outfits

Here’s the truth- there are clothing pieces out there that are classified as men’s lingerie. I’m not sure if these are jokes or if there are guys that really feel sexy in these things or not. Most of the lingerie I see for guys are kind of like underwear with a protruding from the front so that a guy can fill it up.

mens sexy lingerie ideas

Maybe that type of underwear is not your style, but that doesn’t mean you can’t look sexy for your wife. I think it is very sweet for a man to take the time and energy to look good for his woman. Women absolutely appreciate it when their husband’s put extra time into their appearance.

I have put together some ideas of what you can wear in the bedroom or during a romantic night after the kids go to bed.

Men’s Lingerie Alternatives

I’m a huge proponent of wearing sexy outfits as an alternative to lingerie. I don’t think that everyone can fit into the things that are on the market. So, I’ve applied that same principle to men’s lingerie.

Underwear and Boxers

Consider having sexy boxers or underwear that you wear specifically during sexy nights. At the very least, keep your holey underwear put away for days you aren’t trying to impress.

Silk boxers or silk underwear can feel really amazing to you and your wife. It will feel great to your body and to her hands. These won’t be practical underwear, but something you can put on special for your lover.

Bow Ties and Suspenders

Bow Tie

Another sexy idea is to just wear a bow tie or pair it with suspenders. You can attach the suspenders to a pair of pants and go without a shirt. Or you can attach the suspenders to your underwear.

If you don’t like suspenders, just wear a pair of solid color boxers with a matching colored bow tie. Black is always easy to match.


Going along with the accessory idea, you can wear a hat and a pair of boxers or jeans without a shirt. If you don’t want to go with something around your neck, this might be a great option for you.

Make sure to go with a hat that matches your style. Fedoras are pretty popular, but it doesn’t mean it is right for everyone. Some guys look amazing in ball caps or cowboy hats.

Tight T-Shirts

Tight tshirt

Consider putting on a tight t-shirt with a pair of jeans or your boxers. You can go with something that is dark and slimming, or white and revealing. There are also compression shirts that you might like. Even if you are not a real buff guy, this can be very sexy.

Tight Sweatpants

Sweatpants have come a long way for men. Did you know you can get low rise pants as well as other sexy sweatpants? If you are going for comfort or for a more casual night, these might make for a good option. Pair with a tight t-shirt or go without a shirt.

Sexy Jeans

While tight-fitting jeans may not be something that you want to wear on a regular basis, but it can be a great idea for a night of romance. Sexy jeans without a shirt or with a tight-fitting shirt would be a good option for your at-home date night.

These are some ideas of sexy things you can wear with your spouse on a romantic night. You can always ask your wife what she finds most attractive on you and get her opinion. She might be able to help you come up with lingerie ideas.

Here are some fun things you can do while wearing your sexy outfit.

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4 Responses

  1. We guys know what we feel is sexy lingerie for you to wear and you ladies know what it is we feel as sexy though the two directions may diverge. I have often wondered what it is women see as sexy for bed wear for us. I can see there isn’t much but then we don’t have as much female-perceived fleshly sexiness to cover and reveal. At least that is the impression I keep getting all these years. You are nowhere near as visual until you begin to get aroused while we are getting immediately aroused by the visuals. Never say God has no sense of irony.

    It seems for you it is initially perhaps we are looking good in some fave item of yours but then mostly about psychological foreplay. For us you are looking hot in that lingerie we like the the mental side is how much fun it will be getting you out of it and adoring your naked body.

    All to say, nice try but I still have no idea what I should wear other than silk boxers special to the occasion when I am wanting her to get all dolled up in skimpy frilliness for me to enjoy removing. Oh well.

    You have mail.

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