Ways to be More Enthusiastic While Having Sex

Being enthusiastic in the bedroom has great benefits to both you and your spouse. For one thing, your spouse feels happy that you are excited to be with them. Also, it helps you to feel more sexy and have a better time.

Here are some ways you can be more enthusiastic about sex.

Think Positive Thoughts

There’s something to faking it till you make it. I’m not suggesting you fake orgasm, but I am suggesting that you fake enthusiasm until your mind and body have a chance to catch up.

While you are getting ready to have sex, tell yourself that you are excited about it. Think positively about the experience you are about to have. When you go into a situation believing it is going to be great, you usually enjoy it more.

Initiate Sex, Foreplay Moves, and Positions

more enthusiastic sex

Whether you initiate the sexual encounter or initiate different foreplay moves and positions, it will help you feel more excited about what you are doing. When you make a conscious decision to do something or brainstorm ideas, it will naturally cause you to be more engaged.

Move Around

Rather than just staying in the same position, commit to trying more than one position on a regular basis. Be sure that you and your spouse do a position that leaves you both satisfied at the end. However, you can start with a position that you haven’t tried before.

Talk and Make Noises

While you are engaging in sexual intimacy, be intentional about making noises or talking. It is a good idea that you and your spouse have some conversations ahead of time about what words turn you on. Also, it is good to know at what point they want you to be vocal verses when they want you to be more quiet.

By talking and making noises, you are actually helping yourself have the ability to have a stronger orgasm. The more air flows through your body, the better your orgasm will be. So, in addition to helping you be more enthusiastic, it will give you greater pleasure.

Look in Their Eyes

more enthusiastic sex

Make it a point to look in your lover’s eyes during some part of your sexual experience. You don’t have to try and keep your eyes open when it is really feeling good, but at least during some point, look at them. This will allow you both to connect on a deeper level.

Don’t Forget to Smile

It is totally normal to forget to smile when you are having sex. Many couples struggle with remembering to put on a happy face. I’m not sure if it is a concentration thing or what. Be intentional about smiling at your spouse.

I encourage you to make it a point to be more enthusiastic while making love. It will be a blessing to both you and your spouse.

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