My Favorite Couples Bedroom Game

I don’t usually tend to play favorites, but when it comes to bedroom games for couples, I kind of do. Say what you will, but my favorite game is the first one Austin and I created together. We titled it, It’s Getting Hot in Here

sexy bedroom game for couples

The Bedroom Game We Created Before I Was a Blogger

One of the most interesting things about the first bedroom game we created, was that it was put together before I was a blogger. I drew my inspiration from The Dating Divas

They had this fun looking game idea on their website that required you turn your bed sheet into a game board. I really enjoyed the thought of a game board that would give us sexy moves to try, but I didn’t want to ruin a sheet. (I know I’m a cheapskate).

I went to Austin and asked him to help me create a game board and other parts of the game. He is really amazing with the graphics and put together a really cute printable.

How Playing Bedroom Games Has Helped My Confidence

it's getting hot in here couples bedroom game love hope adventure

I hear this from a lot of my readers- they feel unconfident in the bedroom. Maybe they struggle to know what being sexy means. I have the same issues, but I’ve found the my confidence has grown on account of playing couples foreplay games.

Similar to how we teach children new concepts through playing games, playing these types of games with your spouse can teach you to be more adventurous. Each of the cards that I put together for these printables all have very specific moves that you have to do.

I’ve found that I can be more confident when I have instructions. It has taken some of the guessing out of foreplay and helped me to relax. Not only that, it has helped me to be more spontaneous, because now I have some ideas of things that have worked well in the past.

How to Get Access To My Free Printable Couples Games

If you want to gain access to these free printables, then all you have to do is sign up for my spicy newsletter. I’ll send you the pdf versions and you can print it out.

Also, be sure to check out this YouTube video where I talk about the game a bit more and give you some details on how to play it. 

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