My Spouse and I Are so Different- How Can We Make it?

Check out this guest post about the differences in spouses. Some people believe that a successful marriage revolves around compatibility. However, this isn’t always the case. Many marriages thrive even when there are obvious differences.

While seeing eye to eye about a few key things is usually essential to stop your spouse from driving you crazy– views on holidays, spending habits and plans when to start a family can cause tension – it may surprise you just how many happily married couples differ on almost every other topic. Don’t make the mistake of assuming you need to share every single quality with your spouse in order for a marriage to work, because that simply isn’t the case.

In fact, expecting your partner to share every single opinion you have is often just setting yourself up for failure. Or it could even lead to boredom, as there is then no challenge to our own views and assumptions. Is it possible to disagree while still being in a happy relationship?

Your Hobbies

Many people assume that partners need to agree on everything together in order to lead a successful life together, but actually that’s not the case at all. There are many couples who enjoy morning runs together or catching the latest movie because they enjoy doing everything together. There are many other couples who prefer to spend a good amount of time enjoying their hobbies separately. Pursuing separate interests not only gives you new experiences to talk about it, but it can help you develop friendship networks that take the emotional pressure off your partner a little. While it is important to balance spending time with others and your spouse it should still be a priority to spend time together.

Of course, if your spouse is going out often or just needs quiet time for a creative hobby, you could always explore something yourself – using drawing apps, learning a musical instrument or even just taking time to read a book while they are pursuing their own interests. A strong sense of self is a very good thing to maintain throughout a relationship

Your Politics

There is nothing so uniquely divisive as political beliefs, so you could easily be forgiven for thinking that if you don’t agree on this subject, the union is doomed. However, that certainly doesn’t have to be the case. The key is to be very strict about respecting the differences of opinion you have. Sometimes, being married to someone with very different views can even help to make us more understanding and open-minded to different perspectives.

Your Extroversion

There are many very successful marriages made between people who are extroverts and those who are more introverted. In fact, if you’re a social butterfly you may appreciate a partner who is more of a homebody and can keep things running smoothly. Don’t try to change the other person because that will cause problems. Just embrace who they are, and learn to communicate your needs to your partner so that they understand where you draw your energy from.

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