Never Let Your Guard Down


Never Let Your Guard Down

If I had a nickle for the number of times my mom told me to never let my guard down- well, I’d have a lot of money. She said that about any and all sins. She told me that the moment you feel like you are exempt from sin, you are the prime candidate for messing up big time.

Never Say Never

Outside of marriage and inside of marriage, I can’t let my guard down when it comes to relationships with the opposite sex. I can’t say-

I’ll never cheat on my spouse.

I’ll never lust after another person.

I’ll never have a porn problem.

Those things could happen if I’m not actively working against those situations that would cause me to give in to temptations.

Always Be On The Lookout

Always be on the lookout for situations that could lead to something. This might mean avoiding certain relationships, environments, or activities. It is a good idea to really think through how a situation could go the wrong way.

Don’t Compromise on Your Standards

Another thing my mom would tell me is that you don’t just wake up fat one day. (obviously in relation to gaining weight, but the principle applies). She said that the changes happen gradually.

Likely, you won’t get up tomorrow and say, “I think I’ll break my vows today”. What will happen is you will compromise on something in your life. Once you start crossing lines, it makes it easier and easier to keep going.

Let Your Spouse Help Hold You Accountable

be accountable

I hear all of the time that your spouse shouldn’t be your accountability partner- hogwash is all I  have to say. Your spouse knows you better than just about anyone. They can see when you are getting in bad territory.

If your partner cautions you against a situation, you should avoid it if you can. At the very least, you need to raise your guard about the issue. Maybe you don’t see what they are seeing, but you should at least be on the lookout for trouble ahead.

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