Frenulum Stimulation Technique For Husbands

I think that many women shy away from giving their husband’s oral sex because they aren’t sure what to do. I can also understand those that don’t want to run a random Google search on giving good head. There’s no telling what types of sexual content you will encounter.


That is why I want to share with you a great oral sex technique for a wife to do on her husband. It is called the Frenulum technique for the penis. Scroll down and you’ll see the step by step instructions I give for a husband and wife to try and to stimulate a husband’s frenulum.

Also, if you aren’t ready to give your husband head because you aren’t mentally ready, you can use your fingers or a vibrator to stimulate this area that is super sensitive.

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Benefits to The Frenulum Technique

There are some great benefits to this technique for both the wife and the husband.

For the wife-

Sometimes, giving your spouse a blow job can be very taxing on your jaws or mouth. The frenulum technique uses your tongue and lips on their penis, rather than your entire mouth. You will do a lighter stimulation than what you would normally do with other oral sex positions because the frenulum is so sensitive.

For the husband-

This technique requires the husband to control himself for the orgasm. It leads to a greater sensation and release. Also, it can help the male to work on lasting longer for his wife.

It is Similar To Clitoral Stimulation

The other great thing about the frenulum technique is that the wife will lick her husband similarly to how he would lick her clitoris. If you are a wife that enjoys oral sex and knows what feels good, it can help you know how to move your tongue on your husband.

The wife can think about what motions feel good to her during this sexual act and do those same things for her husband with her mouth.

How to Stimulate The Frenulum on a Man’s Penis

Here are a few tips to stimulate the frenulum on the penis:

  1. Wife should start with light touches – the wife can use her tongue, a vibrator, or the tips of her finger to stimulate this sensitive area. If you are not using your tongue, it recommended that you use a lubricant, or the frenulum on a male’s body will get sensitive quickly. Think of the way your clitoris would feel without any lubricant.
  2. Husband should stay relaxed – while this will be difficult, the husband should not squeeze his pelvic muscles. What you’re trying to accomplish is a different sexual and orgasmic experience than normal. By squeezing your pelvic muscles, you will not get the full experience of orgasming through frenulum stimulation.
  3. Wife should slowly build intensity – even if your husband is begging you to go harder, slowly build up the intensity. Watch the signs of his body as he gets more aroused.
  4. Husband will need to communicate – if you need more lube or want a different type of stroke, let your wife know. She’s going to do what she can to slowly ramp you up, but if it is starting to irritate, she’ll need to change her technique.
  5. Wife should alternate her tongue strokes – if the wife is giving her husband frenulum oral sex, then she should go from a flat tongue to a sharp tongue and alternate strokes from her mouth to see what he responds to best.
  6. Continue until husband orgasms.

Frenulum Stimulation Video Chat

I explain more about the frenulum in the video below.

Great Way to Start Giving Oral To Your Husband

If you have been holding back on giving your husband a blow job, this is a good place to start. The frenulum techniques are lighter and easy to manage.

Just a note to the husband, it takes time for this type of stimulation to feel like anything. It might give him a better understanding of how long it can take his wife’s clitoris to respond to stimulation.

Be sure to check out the article that El Fury wrote. He gives a lot of great tips to husband and wife on how to do this successfully.

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21 Responses

  1. Thanks for the link to our blog! This technique takes a lot of patience for both husband and wife, especially for couples who are used to the husband reaching climax relatively easily through normal intercourse.

      1. Keelie thank you.

        I shared this with my wife and we in a 2 hour baby nap time decided to go all in on this.

        I kept my mind shut to not get that typical response.

        But over 30 minutes she did nothing but rubbing and tickling the circumcision scar and teasing the frenulum Delta. (Mine is completely smooth no connective tissue, but it was awesome)

        Other than a little accidental touching of the glans it was 99% scar and sensitive underside.

        The orgasm almost hurt it was so good. Felt it much much deeper.

        1. That’s great! I mean not the hurting part but the more you do this, the better it’ll be and the better you’ll get at it. I have been told it’s a much deeper, stronger orgasm. Quite possibly more similar to what a woman feels when she orgasms.

  2. I may have said this before but (unfortunately) the only sex my wife and I have is a weekly frenulum hand job. Having said that, it gives me the best orgasms I’ve ever had. We never use lube and she won’t let her lips go anywhere near my penis. It’s not even emotional but it does feel good. BTW she gets a lot of back strokes and keeps her knickers on throughout. I would dearly love to do much more for her but I just wanted to share a different perspective in case it helps someone.
    Could I also say that a weekly dose of frenulum stroking has saved my sanity in our marriage and I’m looking forward to pursuing my beloved further knowing that sex and intimacy will be really good for her. Does anyone else think it’s hard knowing that it’s good for her – but she doesn’t have any libido for medical and age reasons -but that with *practice* just learning to *play* together and find out what feels good after 30 years’ marriage – she might actually find she enjoys it. It’s hard to imagine but I’m trying.
    Thanks for the article Keelie and for being there.

    1. Hi there! Thanks so much for sharing. I’m happy that you have this in your marriage, even if it is not where you hope for it to be. I know that there are many women (and men) that have a hard time investing in physical intimacy. So many factors go into this and I know it is hard to see your spouse not get the full benefit of sex in marriage. Keep loving on her and providing what’s she’s open to receiving.

  3. Well, maybe someday I will enjoy that particular action. But not for the foreseeable future.
    The closest it has come to that was about 25 years ago I talked her into flicking her tongue across the frenulum a couple of times. I came immediately. It took maybe 5 seconds of stimulation. That has not been repeated and she does not even remember it happening.

    “You must have dreamed that because I would never do such a thing!”

    Oh well. But I can tell you it is a wonderful feeling.

    1. Hi Duane! I’m sorry to hear that this has been such a long time. Is this a sore subject between the two of you? I have written quite a bit about getting over the aversions to oral sex.

  4. What a great post. I discovered frenulum stimulation on a website devoted to educating people about masturbation. It’s a very different experience to the usual form of solo pleasure and tends to involve less fantasy. It can also be done in “stealth mode” (when you feel the urge to masturbate but don’t want to wake your wife up). True it takes a while to notice yourself responding but if you’re patient, the reward is great. I long for my wife to try it on me.

  5. My wife and I have been experimenting with this on and off for a little over a month now. There has been moments of frustration trying to achieve the orgasm. I think our biggest issue was not finding this article sooner, which has put my mind at ease. I thought I was broken because it takes me a long time to orgasm like this. The orgasm one can achieve from this is near a level of enlightenment. You come out of these orgasms feeling like you conquered your greatest fears and you’ll have a new pep in your step and it’s all you’ll think about for weeks!

    If I could give some amateur advice to other husbands or SO’s it would be this:

    Guys, you need to relax! That is 100% on you! Your wife/partner cannot make you relaxed!

    You do not need to be hard to enjoy the sensations, likewise, the more relaxed you become the harder you’ll probably get. If you’re like me, your mind is like a maze, allow yourself into the maze. Think of your “building arousal” as you making progress through the maze. A thought or worry might pop up, view this as a dead end of the maze and allow your mind to turn back and head down the path of arousal again. You’ll notice deep sensations coming and going, eventually you’ll build more arousal than your body can handle, and with the help of your partners touch you’ll literally come out of that maze feeling like a new man.

  6. Hi Kremlin, at t the end of your video- I could not hear the whole sentence you said something of love at . You said it fast and I tried listening several times but I can’t hear it – please tell me what you said – it sounded like some website – The one you said – I heard – – it daid website not available – I don’t have a desktop – just my I phone but I could go to any website on my I phone normally . Please tell me – T Y

    1. Hi Steve!I used to have I am the sex talk lady website but I have moved all of that content over to this website now. Is there something specific I mentioned in that video you are looking for?

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