There are no Simple Secrets to a Dream Marriage


Ugh…I’m so tired of reading articles and watching webinars that talk about the simple secrets to marriage. As if there are a few adjustments you can make to be living your dream life tomorrow.

It just doesn’t work that way! Marriage is messy. No two couples are going to face the same issues or be able to work out their problems the same way as someone else.

Now listen- I’m not trying to discount wise counsel here, because I think you can learn a lot of great things from others. What I am trying to say is that there isn’t a simple fix to your relationship issues.

Well…I take that back…maybe. The explanations for a dream marriage are simple, but putting those things into practice is hard as crap.

Things like-

Stop being a jerk


Now, I am sure no one really wants to be a jerk, but we all get that way. Lashing out at your spouse for any reason is going to cause damage to the relationship. This is a simple concept…

Be a jerk=hurt your spouse

Forgive them already

We just love to hold onto unforgiveness towards those that wrong us. Oh sure, we know that forgiving is the right thing to do…we talk about it all the time. The thing is, to actually forgive someone takes letting go of your pride…which leads me to my next point…

Deflate your big fat head

Many problems in marriage start with pride. When you think you can do no wrong and it’s your spouse’s fault for the way the relationship is going- you’re never going to get better.

I talked about this concept on Facebook Live

Have you ever been sitting in church and thought, “Oh boy, this sermon would be perfect for so and so”? My mom always told me if I started thinking that I better check myself…likely God was trying to address issues in me and I was avoiding them.

You are not better than your spouse. Both of you have problems that have contributed to the state of your marriage.

Other things on my mind this week:

My friend Kelly Cox wrote this great book on 8 Scriptural Ways to Bless Your HusbandIt is a short read- maybe an hour


Great articles you can check out.

How to feel sexy again 

Flirting in marriage

Dream together as a couple 


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