How One Blogger Changed My Life

It all started 10 years ago when I was sitting in a beat up old recliner that a friend had given me. We were in one of the biggest financial crisis’ of our lives. We were juggling two house payments on an associate pastors’ salary (which isn’t much different than a teachers’ salary). It didn’t seem to matter how I managed our budget, we were still coming up short. We needed something to change, and we needed it to change fast.

I remember that day so clearly. A friend had sent me a message and told me I needed to check out The Money Saving Mom. My friend was also a pastor’s wife and knew our finances were bleak. Her blog changed my life, not just once, but many times over the years.

If you aren’t familiar with Crystal Paine, she is married to Jesse and they raise their three kids together. She’s an online entrepreneur who took her side gig and turned it into a thriving online business. She and her husband run the company together and have multiple employees. She’s had the opportunity to stay home with her kids, homeschool them, and many other amazing things.

So, how did she change my life?

Here are the 5 main things she did for me:

  • Gave me real resources on how to cut my grocery bill in half
  • Provided me a community where living debt free is applauded
  • Gave me links to many free homeschool and home management resources
  • Posted about Fiverr, which is the platform I use to find clients for my marketing business
  • Taught me how to be a blogger

I honestly wouldn’t be writing to you today if it wasn’t for this incredible woman. I let a lot of fears hold me back from becoming a blogger. But Crystal broke down my fears and gave me the reassurance I needed to actually start my own blog.

Here’s why I wanted to start Love Hope Adventure-

YOU! My life has been radically changed by 1 person who just shared about her life. I wanted to do that for others because I saw how life-changing it was for me.

Have you ever considered starting your own blog? You don’t have to be a super techy geek to start a blog. I didn’t even know how to change basic settings on my phone when I built my website. It wasn’t easy, but it wasn’t impossible.

If there’s any thought in your mind that you want to start sharing your story with the world, you should sign up for Crystal’s free blogging class tomorrow. Here’s what she’s covering-

-The one habit you should begin today if you want to set up a successful blog (it might surprise you!)

-The few key things you need to have in place to get your blog up and running (it’s a much shorter list than you might expect!)

-5 simple ways people are making a part-time or full-time income from blogging (& how you can, too!)

-Plus, I’ll be hosting a LIVE Q&A at the end of the class to answer your burning questions!

You can sign up here

I’ve already signed up. I show up to every webinar Crystal hosts and take every course she puts out. I truly value what she has to say because her advice has been so beneficial to me.

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